Hey, welcome back 💖 if you’re struggling with dry sensitive skin here are some skincare products that might help you this winter! I’m currently on accutane and I wanted to share my current morning and night time skin care routine now that my skin has changed from very oily, break-out prone, to dry and sensitive.

Products Shown In This Video:

Pure Almond Oil
CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser
CeraVa Facial Cream
Laniege Lip Sleeping Mask
Volition Mushroom Serum
Tula Eye Balm

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P.S. I will receive a small % of commission (literal cents lol) with some of these links. This video is not sponsored and all products were purchased on my own. I appreciate your support, always! 💖

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  1. Yaliana Enid
    Yaliana Enid says:

    Happy Sunday! ✨ hope you are all well and taking care of yourselves. Make sure to incorporate some self care into this beautiful Sunday — whatever that may be for you 💛 hope you enjoyed this!

  2. Lorraine Castillo
    Lorraine Castillo says:

    There is a lot of info on how the hyleuronic acid in CerAve draws in moisture only when there is moisture in the air so winter would be a not so good time to use it as the air is dry then.

  3. Crashburndicoot
    Crashburndicoot says:

    I have dry sensetive skin, & I would never in a million years recommend this video or channel. Whoever is the parent who gave their kid way too big of an allowance to start trying to become a YouTube influencer needs to stop and take her phone away until she can do some god damn research on how to not spread misinformation.

  4. Sid
    Sid says:

    If you ever want a change in your skin routine or wonder if any of the products you use are actually good, I suggest looking as Hyram's videos. They're very informational! But from what i know, most of what you're using are actually pretty good products!

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