Accutane Update + Skincare Routine 💦 Acne Journey | Karima McKimmie

An update on my low dose accutane treatment! Weekly updates, side effects, dosage & PROGRESS! Is my skin clear yet?! Watch to find out 😉


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Oral Isotretinoin is a Vitamin A derivative, commonly known by it’s original brand name Accutane though it’s available now under many names. I use these terms interchangeably.
This is my journey with Oral Isotretinoin. This information is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Please see a doctor 🙂


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21 replies
  1. Katsuya Feather
    Katsuya Feather says:

    I am battling the accutane neck acne right now myself. I used to get neck acne before starting accutane but it was never so frequent and far down in the middle of my neck! It was always more along my jaw line and didn't go much further than that. Sadly I'm definitely going through a purge right now at week 3. My chin and around my mouth is the worst broken out, with the deep painful cystic bumps. Another thing I've noticed is every pore on my nose and inner cheeks are packed with blackheads. However…
    The oiliness is definitely gone and my skin feels like it's getting smoother in areas where it's not purging.

  2. Taylor Roschman
    Taylor Roschman says:

    Hi!! I love your videos! Before I started accutane it got me so excited to see your progress 🙂 I was wondering if you used anything to fade hyperpigmentation from spots while on accutane? I see you used Laniege Radian-C and Pai rose hip oil, did you notice either or both helping heal older spots quicker?

  3. Lisa Lee
    Lisa Lee says:

    It's my first week of Accutane/Oratane so glad I find this video and its really helpful so Thank you soo much 🙂 Can't wait to see the result wish me luck xx

  4. Liledgygirl
    Liledgygirl says:

    I started with my accutane journey today after being on birth control for like forever. I was/still am quite nervous about the side effects and did my own research on the same. By far your video has helped me significantly, it has given me a sense of relief and confidence and I m really grateful to you for that. I am hoping and praying that my skin clear up because it has impacted my everyday life.

  5. Blake
    Blake says:

    Hi Karima I am a little late to the video but if you could reply!! I am about to start accutane and am so thankful to see your video since I have been frightened by a majority of what I see online…. one thing you did not talk about in your journey video was any sexual related side effects… I know this is personal but this is what I am most worried about if you have any feedback.. the biggest thing I have came across is vaginal dryness. Any feedback is deeply appreciated!!! xx

  6. Alexandra Mc Geough
    Alexandra Mc Geough says:

    I have tried so many different medications and treatments for my acne over the years and I am about to start on accutane in a few days I have watched so many videos and reading up about accutane and I just wanted to let you know all your videos on this have been so helpful and really exciting/encouraging to think there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I just wanted to say thank you ❤️

  7. Scott Dennis
    Scott Dennis says:

    Hey Karima,

    Your results look great 👍

    I'm about 2 and a half months in my 20mg a day journey but struggling with using sun cream and cleansers which all seem to make me red and blotchy after use (I have rosacea too). Any suggestions? (From the UK)

  8. Céline Eggenschwiler
    Céline Eggenschwiler says:

    As a teenager I got really bad acne so I started my first isotretinoin journey – my skin improved fast and was almost „perfect“ and without any breakouts for around 7 years. With 21 my skin again started to breakout very badly even worse then before – so I started another isotretinoin lowdose cure which I was on around 8-9 months. At the same time where I stopped my isotretinoin I also did come off the pill. I didn‘t have any breakouts for around 6 months and then it slowly started to flare up again. It‘s again getting really bad at the moment and I‘m just sitting here thinking of going back on isotretinoin, since having acne is just so frustrating. But always remember you‘re not alone!

  9. Jenna Wilemon
    Jenna Wilemon says:

    Have y’all found what the best lip balm is for when you’re on accutane ? I’ve heard that lanolin works the best and it’s normally found in nipple creams ?

  10. Marie Jane Salvador
    Marie Jane Salvador says:

    You're so pretty 😍 i like how you document your isotret journey, simple yet concise.

    This is my favorite isotret diary so far haha. Starting my journey and on my week 1 now. Hope my face will get better. 😔🙏

  11. Jasmine Uj
    Jasmine Uj says:

    Hi love your videos!
    Just wondering if you are still making an updated video for your accutane journey. I just started mine and, would love to see a day to day makeup routine or tips for wearing makeup X

  12. Astrid Aranda
    Astrid Aranda says:

    Got my Accutane prescription today and I am so happy 🥺 like you, I want to stop the birth control pill but in France it’s what we have to take to do birth controlling while taking Accutane so I was wondering what you were taking during your Accutane journey ? ☺️

  13. HungryIWas
    HungryIWas says:

    Hey Karima ! I have been on accutane twice (at 14/15 and 17/18) in the past and I suffered from acne (hormonal and once fungal) on and off (accutane gave me some free years) from 14 to 24. I completely understand the decision to try accutane and I genuinely hope that it will clear your skin for good !! However IF your acne were to come back within a year or two after the medication, (do not dispair!) you may want to check certain vital parameters : gut (microbiome analysis), hormone levels (at all stages of the cycle) and insulin, thyroid, liver, cortisol variations, heavy metals and essential minerals levels. In my case, the acne was a sign my body was sending for much bigger underlying problems and I wish I would have had the tools I have now to interpret it and avoid making them worse with certain treatments (like weakening my liver and gut even more and my hormonal system with birth control). The last time I went back on birth control my gut gave up and it now took a lot longer to free myself from acne. Depending on what the issue was my acne changed in form and placement; I'm saying this because the last time I had acne almost exactly like yours it was fungal one, so if it were to come back it might be worth checking out if you have a fungus in your gut. I'm not saying this to be a know it all!! Just wish someone would have given me this advice back then and I just want to broaden your toolkit too 🙂 Lastly, if all fails : NAET Total Reset. It's the therapy that healed me for good. That advice goes for anyone with acne or other health issues. But everyone needs to decide what suits them best depending on resources and lifestyle, just wanted to share my experience and maybe help you and others too !

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