PolyGel Nails with Dual Forms | How to DIY Nail Tutorial For Beginners | Astound Beauty PolyGel Kit

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Polygel Nail Tutorial for Beginners with Astound Beauty Polygel Kit:
This video is to show you how to create simple nail art with a new released Astound Beauty All in One Polygel Nail Extention Kit.

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  1. Randi Maxam
    Randi Maxam says:

    Oh my goodness that is absolutely gorgeous! I've been searching the internet like a mad detective looking for black polygel that actually cures as black & not see through. Thanks to you i have to buy this kit(: you did a great job! Keep the videos coming, id love to see more of your work(:

  2. Bianca C da Kitteee
    Bianca C da Kitteee says:

    I ordered mine on the 16th and it came in today. I'm home following this tutuorial and so far I did my pinky nail. It looks so cool and i cant believe it was just that simple to do. But I do have 1 question, as I was watching other girls on youtube give tutorials they were saying we(as beginners) need 1 layer of primer and one layer of base coat. Well considering the fact that this kit ONLY comes with the base coat and YOU on the video did not say it was necessary to use a primer AND a base coat I'm wondering IF the base coat IS CONSIDERED the primer and we are fine using just the base coat that is provided in this kit.???🤔🤔🤔 really confused hope YOU OR ANYONE sees this soon and can help with this question. (I should be receiving my electric drill file like the pros in the nail salons have by tomorrow afternoon so IF I have to take them off just to do a separate "primer" AND "base coat" then I will be able to do so.🤷🏾‍♀️🤔

  3. Ebony Williams
    Ebony Williams says:

    I ordered mines 3 days ago as well & I can't wait to get mines and try it out!!!!! This is the exact same kit I purchased!!!! I will definitely use this video when I receive mines!!!!!!

  4. Lillian McGinnis
    Lillian McGinnis says:

    Hey I ordered my kit and it came in today the polygel was perfect the glitter the colors everything was perfect the uv led light was working at first and I had already put the base coat on after doing two of my nails the uv light stopped working could you help me please I was so excited 🤧

  5. Tyquasha Hardin
    Tyquasha Hardin says:

    I ordered my kit yesterday and Amazon it will be delivered today!!! I am super excited to try this product out!!! 😍💗😍 quick question..: what shape nail come with the kit… straight or curved nails?

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