How to Get Glass Skin With Your Nighttime Skincare Routine | Skincare with Susan Yara

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“Glass skin” has been a popular trend in beauty for a few years now. Glass Skin is usually defined as smooth, even skin that’s so intensely moisturized it has the appearance of glass. So I wanted to share my version of how to get glass skin in your nighttime skincare routine.

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00:54 What is Glass Skin?
02:19 Cleansing Oil
04:25 Cleanser
05:17 Serum/Essence
06:28 Retinol
08:11 Night Mask
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  1. Trish
    Trish says:

    Susan I just have to tell you. How much I’m loving your skin care products. And I love even more their on Amazon. The azelaic acid emulsion especially has helped my redness So much!! Thank you!!! 💖💖

  2. Marlin Sucre
    Marlin Sucre says:

    Hi Susan! I’m just wondering about the eye area. I noticed you apply your retinol there too, and I always buy an eye retinol thinking the one for my face couldn’t be used around the eyes. Could you explain to me please 🙏🏼😊? Thank you 🤗

    TRINA LE says:

    so for sleeping mask is it okay for it to be on top of your moisturizer ? Or to skip your moisturizer if you’re going to use a sleeping mask

  4. Robyn Rutkowski
    Robyn Rutkowski says:

    I'm 43 and i haven't started using retinals because I'm EXTREMELY sensitive and kinda worried that it may be too strong for my skin. I'm learning qnd I'm leaning alot from you and I thank u for being beautiful you and for doing what u do! I love learning from u and watching your videos! U r absolutely gorgeous! Inside and out! But your skin is glowing beautiful!!! I did start using peach qnd lily's serum and mist qnd I do really love them qnd I also just got their new lactic acid serum but haven't tried it yet. I use belifs line for cleansing oil, gel cleanser, moisturizing toner, moisturizing eye bomb and I use their aqua bomb qnd moisturizing bomb but again would like to introduce retinal into my routine but scared cuz im so sensitive! Any suggestions? Have a beautiful day Susan!!!!🥰

  5. Bella Carley
    Bella Carley says:

    I have used most of the products you use. My skin type has a different structure than most skin types. I wish it could work on my skin. Some products were good for my acne, but after a while it started to have no effect. I have an oily skin. However, I have been using a cream called RWLMAX for 4 months. It cleared up almost all the pimples on my face. This is like a miracle for me. The instructions for use are a little different than other creams, but they are easy. I really can't believe it made such an impact in 4 months. I would definitely recommend going to their website and checking it out.

  6. denny palo
    denny palo says:

    Your skin really looks great. I enjoyed watching your video. I tried most of the information you mentioned on my own skin. Unfortunately, I did not get the effect I wanted. I think I have oily skin. That's why my body doesn't accept every technique. However, I have been using a cream called RWLMAX for 5 months. This really might be the best thing to ever happen to me. I had acne and redness on my face since I was a teenager. It helped me get rid of these permanent stains in a short time. It is truly a different and beautiful experience that I have had in my life. Its application methods are different from other creams but simpler. If there is an image on your body or face that you really want to get rid of, visit his website. Great explanations and informat

  7. Julie Lee
    Julie Lee says:

    Your suggestions really sound good. I am very happy with your descriptive explanation. I have tried some of the techniques you mentioned before on my skin. However, unfortunately, it did not have an effect on my skin. After all, not everyone's skin type is the same. I have been using a cream called RWLMAX Cream for 2 months. It helped clear up most of my acne on my face and some places on my skin. This change has been tremendous for me. I have never used a cream that has such an effect. I highly recommend you to visit the website for detailed information. Really great product

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