august RAVES & REJECTS // BEST lip oil, easy self tanner, food favs, books & shows

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◇ Al Haramain Amber Oud perfume
(Mentioned) baccarat rouge 540
(Mentioned) Ariana Grande Cloud
◇ Dior hypnotic poison perfume
(Mentioned but not a fav) Ariana Grande R.E.M perfume


◇ Charlotte tilbury spf 50 & primer
◇ haus labs lip oil in tint
◇ makeup by Mario soft sculpt transforming skin enhancer tint in light/medium
◇ Lawless forget the filler gloss in Cherry Vanilla
(Mentioned) Daisy Pink shade and Charlotte Tilbury iconic nude lip liner
◇ Merit highlight in cava
◇ essence 16h cover & last powder in 05 classic vanilla
🎥 First impressions video mentioned
(Mentioned) elf camo powder foundation full coverage
◇ collistar self tanner
◇ Charlotte tilbury blush in color of dreams
◇ Tarte lip plump in cherry blossom
◇ downy wrinkle releaser fabric spray
◇ silver hoops
gold hoops
◇ poppi sodas – on amazon
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on target
◇ Bilboa SPF 50
◇ Project 7 Sour apple rings
◇ small black bag (sz sm)
◇ tortoise makeup bag (larger)
◇ tortoise makeup bag (smaller)
◇ EVA NYC main magic hair fragrance
(Mentioned) 10 in 1 spray (LOVE)
◇ The Handmaid’s Tale
◇ A Thousand Splendid Suns
◇ Kindle
Libby app

◇ gold hoops
◇ shirt: from random store in Italy
◇ lashes
◇ foundation: L’Oreal 4-in-1 tinted balm in 20 light


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23 replies
  1. Selah Walker
    Selah Walker says:

    Oh Taylor, I love you and your channel. Been a subscriber for almost like 5 years now, but honey. Comparing the handmaid’s tail to modern day America, just, no. Comparing the atrocity of Abortion (which is killing an individual human life) in a modern America where women have all the freedom to make their own life decisions and all the birth control and contraceptive options to prevent a pregnancy, where women have the most rights they’ve ever had in history, no, saying abortion is not right (which isn’t even what Roe V. Wade being overturned was about all it was about was giving the power back to individual states to determine what is best for their region and let the people decide) is not the same as literal forced pregnancy in this fictional dystopian world. You know where true forced birth is happening where women are forced to have sex and conceive and carry and birth a baby they never even wanted to have sex in the first place? Communist China. TODAY. So please, my goodness. Be a little more realistic.

  2. Kemsari
    Kemsari says:

    Hey, i just started The Handmaids Tale a few weeks ago. I also heard that it is good but i also thought it was a historic story and then i saw the youtube thumbnail of the trailer for the fifth season and i was like "is she wearing a softshell jacket?!? i thought this was set in the 16th century…" and then i read the wikipedia article and immediatly started watching it. It is incredible and i think EVERY woman should watch this! It is so important and mindblowing and horrible and terrifying and its not far away from the thoughts some radical men have in these days and so many societies too. And that makes it even MORE important!

  3. Pink Rainbow
    Pink Rainbow says:

    I' need to go perfume shopping soon lol….. my BF said hes scared of me if Im not wearing iiitt…. Haha like whaaaa lol…Good scents Make Good memories 🍕. just changed my hair color ..a reddish brown… mostly Brown… I look like rose from Titanic 💛 uuummm I almost used a Blue heart instead of the yellow.. I died laughing tell me when you get it . (Hint)(Rose's necklace) it was a total accident lol. I bought an extra strength nail strengthener Haha lol (💪🙄😂) omg who would I be if I weren't working on my strength lolz. The nails Do look greaT lol. So I'll keep buying and using . I'm using the* Kiss liquid acrylic * I'm just using it as a polish and it seems to be a HealthyNail Hack for natural Healthy Nails. OmG You look Soooooo BeautifuL 💕lol your white blouse is too cute HoneY… im Blushing I'll Be Daydreaming about you all afternoon 💎 wifey Material 💎I wanna go essential oil shopping too . I ran out of Apple .. Apple was a success lol right now I'm using cinnamon leaf. Eeewwww lol I opened the bottle and it smelled like hott tree Bark .. so I'm like hmmm obvs i need to dilute this.. thankfully after diluting and mixing into my skin care candlewax * face mask (a soft wax not a hard wax and mix with essential oil) it's the Best lol. You wont regret it …. anyway the cinnamon leaf smells soooooo GooD .I loves iiiit lol . 💃 I've been thinking about getting Botox in my lips again 😚 lol and this time I actually enjoyed it how weeeiirrddd OhMG !!!!! Haha Because im scared of the way I'm gonna look after it's done. But I havent had any worries about it . I'm okay with an oversized lip . That wouldn't Bother me lol. Im currently in the middle of making a hott pink wig .. oohh Lala I found these Scunci clear rubberbands… Holy Hugh'Hefner these rubberband have are so strong I could like use it as a head Band or something jeez lol. There just like little mini sized..haha so funnY lol . I was Online shopping , looking at best selling mascara products . Annnd I saw these false eyelashes but they weren't pre curled lol … sure okay ide love to curl them myself Haha lol . Just kidding why would someone want eyelashes that aren't curled already * phsycooo lol I'm sure theres some *Bible reason for there existence but I thought that was so ODD !!! lol like it's me putting the eyelashes on and trying to curl them myself ..hahaha oowww lol i dont see this happening But I did see an eyelash perming kit.. i may Be interested in this . Looks fun 💋ill buy the perming kit and We will Do eachothers eyelashes tonight YAY . See ya then . Loves Youuu 🤗🤗🤗

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