Best Self Tanners Of 2021 | 3 Amazing Products Ranked | Chris Gibson

Sunnless self tanners tested and reviewed that give amazing realistic color without the smell or orange hue.

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Products Mentioned In This Video:

Tanologist Exspress Tan – Tanning Water:

MAN TAN with Aminotan:

Tan Physics Formula 12: or

00:00 Intro
01:13 Why Self Tanning
02:11 Benefits
02:35 Negatives
03:55 What I Tested
05:58 Ranking Criteria
06:39 Tanologist Review
08:33 Man Tan Review
09:57 Tan Physics Review
12:06 Wrap Up

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41 replies
  1. Pat Marvenko Smith
    Pat Marvenko Smith says:

    I totally stopped trying to get a tan from the sun or tanning lamps in my late 20s. I am now in my 70s. Since then I have tried many self tanners, but the very best I have ever used and still use is Body Drench Quick Tan bronzing spray. It has a bronze tint that instantly tans you as you evenly apply the spray so you know exactly where the color is going. I would never again use a tanner without that tint. No tan palms. No transfer to clothing after it dries. The tint washes off leaving a nice even medium to dark tan. It can last up to two weeks! Be sure to always exfoliate before using it for best results. Yes, there is overspray, but it just use it outside on my deck so it doesn’t matter. Hard to find in brick & mortar stores, but is available at CosmoProf, a store for cosmetologists. But you can also find it on eBay.

  2. vivkie patterson
    vivkie patterson says:

    Enjoyed this video! I have the autoimmune skin disease Vitiligo. Self tanners are extremely helpful to me to cover up my skin discoloration. I have lost about 85% of my skin pigment and the self tanners for people that have Vitiligo are a true blessing. I have used several different brands and Loving Tan gave me the best tone. Also Jergens Deep Bronze has been a good one for me. Thank you and I think I will try the Tan Physics!

  3. Bunny Bubs
    Bunny Bubs says:

    Any idea on how to enjoy self tanner while using tretinoin ? Leaves awful blotching , bad uneven discoloration the next day .. tried moisturizer along with mild exfoliate .. help

  4. Wendy
    Wendy says:

    Who remembers coppertone the only self tanning lotion back in the day ? Who used it ? Meeeee!!! Lol thank you Chris love this guy

  5. stuarty
    stuarty says:

    Hi Chris I’ve been using lumin skin care for men. Would love to hear your opinion on it , if it’s any good or a waste of cash ? 😊

  6. Patricia Nelson
    Patricia Nelson says:

    Ah yes, tan in a can, or tan in a tube. I would use it mainly on my legs so I could wear dresses in the summer. Edit* I would put gloves on and use Jergens natural glow. I noticed it gradually darkened my skin and stayed on pretty long time.

  7. Ronda
    Ronda says:

    I've used Fake Bake for over 20 years. Its amazing!! I stay tan for about 5-7 days, depending on how much I shower and am in the pool. I have always gotten excellent results (a lot of color that isn't orange). You shouldn't apply tanner for a couple of hours after a shower or you'll get uneven color and/or not as much color as you want because the skin takes awhile to fully dry. I shower in the am and apply tanner in the pm and then put on some pj's and go to bed. Shower in the morning and wowza, I'm really dark! I use the Flawless Darker and they give you gloves and a mitt with each bottle.

  8. Psychicoutlaw Chanel
    Psychicoutlaw Chanel says:

    Never use them anymore tho the last time I did it was the Neutrogena foaming one and it worked very well for me. The Tan Phastic sounds good, where do you find it? At this point when I wear a cute dress I just put on pantyhose lol but this would be a nice change. You have olive skin?? With yr greenish hazel eyes…maybe but you seem neutral to me. I remember the few times I tanned on purpose, I would turn green first, Portuguese. My son got the best of both worlds, he has green eyes, true green, mine are amber brown, he tans so dark, brown as a berry. Can I get him to use sunscreen – once in a blue moon, errr, red sun. Thx Chris!!

  9. Chele1985
    Chele1985 says:

    My holy grail is dripping gold. I used fake bake for years but switched this year & wonder why I never used it before as it stays on longer. I fake tan pretty much year round as I’m white as a sheet if I don’t so people would think I was sick if I didn’t. 😂

  10. antwetteroth
    antwetteroth says:

    I love the brand Tomas…Amazon
    No orange undertones…
    Can only get in dark….So I mix it with my regular body lotion and it stretches for a long while…I also use on my face…If my hands look stained I just spray with laundry stain remover like Shout…..

  11. Of Angelic Paragons Virtuous EssencE
    Of Angelic Paragons Virtuous EssencE says:

    I bought tanlux and it looked good at first but then for a month after all my follicles were orange and my knees and elbows too and my hands looked terrible and I hated it and was so happy when it finally went away, and got three hours of sun looked wayyyy better and it was Free also my shirts got stained especially my collared shirts nothing is better than a natural tan not even close!

  12. Anna
    Anna says:

    Do you find that the tan comes off or becomes blotchy when you apply sunscreen over it ? I want to try self tanner but also want to continue to smother myself in sunscreen without looking like a mess .

  13. Wanda
    Wanda says:

    I myself was never a fan of self tanners.. Love the real stuff.. lol I could never find one that lasted for than a few days and I hate the time it takes to put them on..

    By the way.. all your photos were hot.. just saying.. lol

  14. Randolph Portwood
    Randolph Portwood says:

    Apologies in advance for the long reply. I live in Palm Springs where it has been between 105-118 recently. Because I shave my head, I wear a baseball cap to protect my scalp & face from the sun. But the cap makes me sweat in this heat. Are these self-tanners sweat-proof once they're absorbed? Do they block pores? This is an issue I'm having with my current sunscreen (CeraVe AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion w/sunscreen). I feel as though it's blocking my pores because it makes my skin sweat more than it ordinarily would. Runs down my face, gets into my eyes & burns. But I'd LOVE to use a self-tanner at least on my face & neck.

  15. Lori McDonald
    Lori McDonald says:

    Great info! I am almost out of the Nutrvive anti aging tanning lotion! It is just ok. It does tranfer! I was looking into Tan Physics yesterday…I feel more confideny in trying this now that you have shown it is a good one! Again, another loving thank you Sir Chris! ❤🤗❤

  16. Danielle MacDuff
    Danielle MacDuff says:

    Thank-you for this video, will you be doing another video on how to apply self tanners, especially around your knees, elbows, feet & hands & especially your face, also what if you use a product like Veet for hair removal on your legs

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