AMAZING RESULTS!!! IPL Home Laser Hair Removal Update Part 3 || Glow Like a Goddess!

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Hello Beautiful People! FINALLY the video you all have all been waiting for!!! Y’all have had so many questions about my IPL process, & I finally have some results to show you! I am so excited for y’all to see how well this IPL tool has worked for me over the past few months!

This is not a sponsored video. I found and purchased this product & decided to try it for myself.

Check out the other 2 videos in this series for more information! I hope I have answered any questions y’all may have, but of course leave any questions in the comments down below!

1:09 – Leg Results
2:17 – Arm Results
5:19 – Can you use IPL on your bikini area?
6:45 – Does IPL lighten KP?
8:04 – Can you use IPL on Eczema?
8:49 – Do you have to shave before using the IPL?
10:07 – What skincare products can you use with the IPL?

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Aloe Vera Gel for cooling –

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23 replies
  1. Muffin
    Muffin says:

    you should NOT put lotion on before IPL! Please dont. Think about a chicken you put oil on before cooking, its roasting even more and gets crispy. Dont do that to your skin. Almost every manual from all these devices says not to put anything on before.🙏

  2. Em’s-FANSTAN
    Em’s-FANSTAN says:

    Wow I do laser but I was looking into a lot of videos of IPL because laser is really expensive and I’m so happy I’ve found you. I’m not as dark as you but I do have eczema that comes and goes like yours so I feel more confident in buying this bec you have it and have used it as well thanks for the info.

  3. Shilpa91000
    Shilpa91000 says:

    Now that you had done your twelve sessions and you say your hair growth has slowed, can i ask how does it look like on your face? Like can you see the dots of hair on upper lip area that has slowed in growth or does the hair fall off later on. I normally thread my upper lip hair and like the finish where i don't see anything there afterwards. However i know if i start ipl then i would have to start shaving and that would mean i would still be able to see black dots in place of hair because the hair is still there when its been shaved. I don't really like the look if this if this is what ipl would do in terms of slowing hair growth. I guess my question is does it actually make hair fall off eventually especially on the face area.

  4. Shilpa91000
    Shilpa91000 says:

    Just to clarify, did you lotion yourself before the ipl session or after? I thought i read somewhere the skin needs to be clean and dry before ipl. Btw love your product r/v videos, your one of the people that i actually watch all the way through without skipping.👍❤

  5. Shilpa91000
    Shilpa91000 says:

    Hi, when you used this on your face, how did you go with tour skincare routine? I use AHA and retinol alternatively at night but am not sure if they are safe to use after IPL.

  6. Weekend Lani
    Weekend Lani says:

    Thank you for reviewing! I’ve binge watched your IPL journey and just have to say your nails in every video are so amazing!! 😍 but also your positivity is contagious- keep going, beautiful!

  7. Love, Niiveda.
    Love, Niiveda. says:

    After watching your videos as well as other black women reviewing this product, it makes me feel so much better about purchasing it! Thank you for the informative video!

  8. Leena Zahir
    Leena Zahir says:

    My skin is just like yours! Did you ever go over the eczema areas and did it burn? I have marks now no active flare ups but it seems to be ok, not very painful

  9. Coco Nat
    Coco Nat says:

    Thank you so much for this review !! I want to buy it but I’m kinda scared about the hair follicles tho the little dark area where each hair come out…Do you get this from shaving or is it just how ur skin is ?

  10. selma ds
    selma ds says:

    Hi, great video. I have the same one under another name😊 my first session was Thursday on my under arms. My question is : do you shave the same day you use the ipl or 24H before ? So happy that you explain for us how to use it and give us your feedback and feeling about it. Thanks 😊

  11. amulya rosal
    amulya rosal says:

    I've been watching reviews for ipl for years and finally youtube brought me to you😭. And after watching your review Imma order it now without doubt.
    PS you are beautiful❤️

  12. Moon dust
    Moon dust says:

    what level for the IPL did you use for you legs, arms, face etc? and thanks for these updates they're super helpful! i just got mine and i'm excited to start using it

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