Our Point of View on Yachyee Laser Hair Removal Devices From Amazon

SHOP: https://amzn.to/3AY7yMG

ABOUT THIS PRODUCT:At Home Laser Hair Removal: Permanent hair reduction in just 3 months. No need to go to the salon anymore. Remove hair at home easily, privately, and economically. One device for the whole body. Hair removal for face, armpits, legs, arms, bikini line.
Innovative Ice Cooling Care: With an optional ice cool care features, this IPL hair removal device can cool the skin while emitting pulsed light. Making the hair removal process painless and no heat damage to your skin.
2 Modes and 9 Levels: Manual Mode is mainly used for small areas, such as the bikini line, armpit, lips. AUTO Mode can be used for large areas, such as arms, legs, and back. The 9 energy levels will adapt to different skin areas and different hair growth speeds, giving you more precise treatment.
999,999 Flashes: This hair removal device has a max limit of 999,999 flashes, which is enough life for the whole body. The laser light with 16J/4CM2 energy and 510 to 1200nm length can arrive at the hair follicle to break the cycle of hair growth, removing the undesired hair efficiently, safely, and permanently.
Please Note The Following: Product will not be effective on dark brown/ black skin color; Do not use on light colored hair, such as light red and grey hair; Area of hair removal must be shaved prior to using product; Product will require 2-3 months before results will be noticeable.

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