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22 replies
  1. Dena Gustafson
    Dena Gustafson says:

    Talking about grandma hands, those tips looked like something from the 50s before your incredible shaping skill was applied. LOL
    They look gorgeous now! You are very skilled! Although I never would have come up with it on my own, that pink/green combo is beautiful!!

  2. Josette
    Josette says:

    These are in my top 3! So beautiful! 💚 Also, I had a little bit of constructive criticism. It would be amazing if you had brighter lighting. Your nails are so gorgeous and I just want to see all the detail.

  3. MeSummika
    MeSummika says:

    LOL, I don't think anybody wants grandma's hands at any age. I giggled at that. I really have never done the poly gel. I just keep trying to figure out what one to try and am not sure what is holding me back. I love the designs and tips you give.

  4. Carmen J
    Carmen J says:

    Another great video, when you have time how long does polygels last, because when I use my regular gel they last literally until I change them, no lifting or popping off at all, they can grow to the end of my nails if I let them (I tested my YN gel before lol) so I was curious because I haven't used my polygel kit yet, thanks again for all your work! 1💚

  5. Sassypants57
    Sassypants57 says:

    I used to buy MelodySusie wig grips all the time on Amazon because they were the best, and reasonably priced. I haven’t been able to find them for a while so now I guess she has moved on to nails! If her nail products are as good as the wig grips….I’m sold!

  6. callme me
    callme me says:

    Now you made me buying this freakin polygel🙈!! I have it in my cart for a while because of that 04 shade. It was 20€ today, soi ordered it 😁
    That nude to me is one of the prettiest i ve seen

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