How To: Hydrated Glow | Full-Face Beauty Tutorials | Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Learn how to achieve dewy skin with the right skincare and luminous makeup.

• Extra Treatment Lotion:
• Extra Face Oil:
• Extra Repair Moisture Cream:
• Intensive Skin Foundation SPF 40/35:
• Intensive Skin Serum Concealer:
• Extra Lip Tint:


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  1. Palette and Easel
    Palette and Easel says:

    She’s young and pretty with young skin that already glows…I used to love Bobbi Brown but the price of this makeup is obscene and the quality has gone way down. Twenty products for a no makeup look??? Don’t waste your money…take it from somebody who has used Bobbi Brown since the 90’s, this brand is NOT worth the high price.

  2. lovely Home
    lovely Home says:

    It's very nice to see this tutorial with the model who has similar skin tone like me, I got good ideas of what products that I should use and how it may look on me from this video. Please share more. Thank you very much for the hydrated glow tutorial

  3. lovely Home
    lovely Home says:

    Hi, Amy, I like this look. I have very similar skin tone with this model. I would like to know which color of the foundation and concealer that you used on her for this look. I would like to take it as a reference when choosing the color. Thank you very much.

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