RoseSkinCo LUMI IPL Laser Hair Removal + 10-Month IPL UPDATE

A 10-month update on my at-home IPL laser hair removal journey! Also doing a review and demo of RoseSkinCo’s new and improved LUMI IPL laser hair removal handset. If you guys have any questions, leave them in the comments 🙂

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00:00 Intro
00:13 *NEW* LUMI IPL handset
00:45 10-Month Update & results from the OG IPL handset
02:06 Mistake I made/Tip: keep up with maintenance!
03:18 Differences between old vs new LUMI IPL handset
04:39 How many times should you use the LUMI?
05:23 *Important* Prep before using handset
05:55 Demo using LUMI IPL handset on my legs
07:21 Demo finished, how it feels vs old handset
08:07 Outro


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45 replies
  1. S S
    S S says:

    Rena, have you used it on your face and the Brazilian area? Would it be used just the same way? I'm very concerned for the face part

  2. Szilva H
    Szilva H says:

    I ordered the latest LUMI hair removal IPL machine on Aug. 7th. This is now the 15th. I received one order confirmation and two custom service email so far to say that my order is going to take 1-2 weeks. The tracking says NY on it for starting place but it’s not moving for over a week now. I don’t think this company is in NY. If you look at their website, the shipping times are shortest in Singapore. This seems to be based on Asia not in the US as they make it appear. I was charged on the 7th but the item is still showing to be in NY. I regret ordering from RoseSkin and I do not recommend anyone doing so. I can’t even write a review on their website even though I purchased from them. They are a phony company.

  3. Nine
    Nine says:

    Do not buy this product if you believe that the money back guarantee is for real. I have been emailing them multiple times for over a month, and they are not responding. I want my money back because I am not satisfied with the results, yet they ignore my emails which is how they tell you you must contact them to get your refund.

  4. D J
    D J says:

    Oh man lol. I had professional hair removal done on my face years ago (female with PCOS) ..for some reason I was under the impression the hair needed to be comfortably above skin level so the laser had something to 'grab on to' and they never once corrected me. And each time I walked out with a red, blotchy, stubble patched face that took well over a week to start smoothing out (yes ..gorgeous). I assumed that was just part of the entire process that you had to deal with.
    I wish I had known then that you were supposed to be freshly shaved. But thanks for the info now cus I want to get one of these and i would have 100% done the same thing again.

  5. denise mills
    denise mills says:

    Been looking for an IPL device and was excited to find this Canadian brand. Found your review on YouTube and saw the discount code. I just ordered the newest version! Thanks so much for the honest review and discount code!

  6. Ethel
    Ethel says:

    I wonder if this product has a long term side effect? Like skin cancer or other medical conditions, if anyone can clarify, thank you so much.

  7. Jordan Mellinger
    Jordan Mellinger says:

    Just seeing this video while researching the Lumi! I love how informative your video is, but I have a question that maybe you or someone here could help me with…?
    What if my skin gets irritated after shaving? Would it still be safe to use it afterwards or should I wait a few hours or a day before using it?

  8. Jenn T
    Jenn T says:

    I just bought mine after watching your review… but I was wondering do I have to shave only when I’m using the lumi or I can still shave even though I’m not doing the treatment that day?

  9. Rachel Hough
    Rachel Hough says:

    Thank you for this review! Having moved my normal laser lady is to far and I haven’t found a replacement. I am so excited for this and thank you for the discount code!

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