Anti-Aging Evening Skincare Routine for More Youthful Skin in Your 40s | Skincare with Susan Yara


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I turned 40 last year and as I make my way through this new decade, I want to make sure I maintain and support my skin. That’s why I’m really excited to share this evening skincare routine with you – it’s packed with great skincare ingredients to help firm and plump your skin as well as address the signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and more.

Retinol Myths:
Beauty Products I’ve Used for a Decade:

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🔸 Alpha-H Melting Moment Cleansing Balm
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🔸 SkinCeuticals Photo A+ Brightening Treatment
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🔸 NATURIUM Multi-Peptide Eye Cream
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Mixed Makeup:
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00:00 Intro
01:07 Anti-Aging Skincare Goals
02:03 Double Cleanse
04:06 Sulwhasoo Serum
05:46 Brightening Treatment
06:44 Retinoid
08:00 Sola Wave Wand
09:22 Eye Cream
10:59 Sulwhasoo Moisturizers
13:17 Lip Balm
13:44 Recap
14:48 Subscribe!


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49 replies
  1. Nay D.
    Nay D. says:

    I'm confused why you would do the eye cream after the wand…also…would have been nice to tell us more affordable comparable items. $200 for a serum? Girl bye.

  2. Yama Ahmady
    Yama Ahmady says:

    look at her skin lots of sunburn pigments, and wrinkles, and she looks matured enough so dnt get fooled.. even with lots of procedures and botox etc their skin still dst look any younger or better

  3. Yama Ahmady
    Yama Ahmady says:

    Susan talks abt lots of products they never really has a one product whoever pays them they promote this is reality… u will never see them use one product for years or for some time

  4. Yama Ahmady
    Yama Ahmady says:

    JUST wanted to write this comment so that ppl will wake up and realize that all these skincare will never ever make ur skin look any better.. its ur diet ur genes and just a simple routine like cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen… these rich ppl make fools out of themselves by misleading ppl also despite knowing everything they neglect the reality.. wake up ppl have u ever seen any celebrity who has a perfect flawless skin, NEVER. and u will never ever see as well bcz none of these products work as they advertise… just look at THIS SUSAN YARA thing… or any other celebrity their skin without filters is worse than most common ppl

  5. S M
    S M says:

    I feel it’s too much product for night time routine. Some of the women/Men I know use very limited products and have flawless and firm skin. I feel all the products are just overrated. Skin just needs gentle cleansing, exfoliation ( weekly/ bi weekly depending on skin type) and moisturizer. Focus on simple ingredients and not the brand.

  6. gracecorales
    gracecorales says:

    Can you please answer my question. I’ve started using your skin care. Is it ok to use niacinamide serum before putting retinol? And do you need to use moisturizer before or after retinol if your using the play retinol 24rs thank you

  7. Allie Wyatt Paranormal Adventurer
    Allie Wyatt Paranormal Adventurer says:

    I just ordered a solawave myself. I’m really interested to see what it does for my skin. I’m 44 almost 45 and just starting to notice a real change in my skin especially my under eyes. So we will see. I also just places an order on your brand I can’t wait to see how my skin reacts. I take pride in my skin care and makeup. So really excited.

  8. Serap Doğan
    Serap Doğan says:

    I thought, that the Retinol cream or Serum, put directly on the face, before any serums or cremes put on. I think, thats my fault, because my skin is very dry and crusty on the next day. And therefore i stopped using Retinol serum 😞 how should I use this now? Thanks for answer

  9. CONNIE Barnes
    CONNIE Barnes says:

    Blew my mind with the advice do not use hyleronic acid under eyes or on eyelids at night unless you want to wake up with puffy eyes. 🤯 Why did I not get that earlier?!

  10. Farah Khurram
    Farah Khurram says:

    Great but none of these products are available where I live … Secondly can't really afford so much…not that I don't care for my skin .. I do use serums and retiniod and tretinion as well…

  11. Jillian W
    Jillian W says:

    Let's see her move her forehead. Lol. Of course she loves the way her skin looks at 40. It's the botox and fillers. Lol. I'm sure I'd love my skin too after spending $1000 a month on treatments. 👍😂

  12. Jackie M.
    Jackie M. says:

    Ugh I love this. I always get confused on what moisturizer to use at night because sometimes I don’t need a thick one but then if I do my skincare early in the night I slather it on so it can soak in before I go to sleep

  13. Thinh Tran
    Thinh Tran says:

    I love Sulwhasoo as a brand. I have tried several products from them, and so far, I really like it. I love their First Care Activating Serum, Overnight Vitalizing Mask, and Essential Firming Cream. I have not tried the Concentrated Ginseng line, but if I have the budget and I want to treat myself, the Concentrated Ginseng line will be on my list. Although the serum and the cream are expensive, I agree, I must say that I am impressed when I look at the overview of the technologies that Amorepacific (the company that owns Sulwhasoo) have to extract the ginseng's components (I am studying Cosmetic Science, so I am pretty intrigued when learning about new skincare technologies). Therefore, I think that the Concentrated Ginseng line definitely worths a try!

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