Your Differin Skincare Routine | Acne + Anti-aging Solution with Adapalene


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Check out this *complete* Differin skincare routine for acne + anti-aging benefits!

In this video, I am telling you how to:
Choose an Adapalene product (which brand is best)
Avoid side effects (like the dreaded retinoid dermatitis)
Pair this product in a complete skincare routine

And more tips for success with this routine!

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Other Adapalene products mentioned in this video:
La-Roche Posay:
Acne Free

The Best Moisturizer to use with Differin:
La Roche-Posay Double Repair

Skinfix Barrier+ Foaming Oil Cleanser:
La Roche-Posay Toleriane Hydrating Creamy Cleanser:
La Roche-Posay Toleriane Foaming Cleanser:
Vanicream Cleanser:

EltaMD UV Elements:
Biossance Sheer Mineral:
Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Face:
Australian Gold Botanical Tinted Mineral:
Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint:

More Retinoid Tips here:
How To Start a Retinoid in 5 EASY Steps | Dermatologist talks results without side effects!

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24 replies
  1. Destiny Stroman
    Destiny Stroman says:

    I love this channel already! My skin has been acting out of control lately! I definitely was the one that over did my skin products and got terrible irritation with differin, but learned I was using it wrong! This helps a lot. I was using facial scrubs with acids in it as well as serums with hyaluronic acid. Just learned that that was NO NO! Thank you for the education! God bless! 🙂

  2. Christal Hagan
    Christal Hagan says:

    Thank you fot sharing yout knowledge, and making it affordable, and thank you for explaining the products, and how to use them correctly. Truly appreciate that. I have question I don't have acne but i am 47, and do have some aging, and I am not new to retinol, and have been thinking about trying this for fine lines, and wrinkles would this be a good option. Or would you recommend something else affordable? I also have sensitive skin.

  3. Ur.F4v.Brunette
    Ur.F4v.Brunette says:

    quick question if anyone is still around, i’m using the cerave daily moisturizer lotion as it has niacinamide and ceramides but it also has hylauronic acid.. what should i do???

  4. lovely
    lovely says:

    Thank you for guiding us in step by step routine in using adapelene so as we don't get confused with so many product on the market..easy to buy stuff when we get clear instruction on which brands to look for..really love your videos ..

  5. Radjehuty
    Radjehuty says:

    lol! I made this mistake using the Neutrogena hydroboost gel. My god did the area around my lips burn and I didn't even apply adapalene near my lips either. It was wild and lasted days. Is it ok to use a moisturizer with petrolatum as the layer before adapalene or would it be too occlusive not allowing the ingredient to get to the skin?

  6. Lisa Lindquist
    Lisa Lindquist says:

    My doctor put me on Differin for my acne and she specifically said NOT to put a moisturizer on my face before the Differin because it can prevent the Differin from absorbing properly into the skin. But I have seen multiple sources recommend the "retinoid sandwich" method, so now I'm not sure what is right?!

  7. Anti-leftist
    Anti-leftist says:

    I have been using tretinoin for about 6 months, it is working nicely and I have adjusted to tretinoin without any issues, can I forego the Differin and sandwich with tretinoin instead or should I change products occasionally to allow my skin to adapt to something new and in 6 months or so return my tretinoin routine?
    Thank you

  8. raquel frias
    raquel frias says:

    Hello , I’m using Aklief 0.005% every day at night . Is this similar to adapalene?. And I wash my face with a gentle cleanser but I want to know if I can use Panoxyl 4% in the morning and the gentle cleanser at night .

  9. Célestine Toussaint
    Célestine Toussaint says:

    I literally commit to my differin journey for anti aging today. I've played with the ordinary retinol in the past and it never irritated my skin. I'm marking this here for myself lol. The moisturizer I'm using is actually La Roche Posay Eczema Cream it's so good XD

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