Laser Hair Removal Burn 6 Month Update | Eshi Jay


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Hi guys,

It’s been about 6mths since my Laser Hair Removal Horror Story (link below to see the full story), but I wanted to provide an update on how I’m doing. If this has happened to you, I’m so sorry, and I wish you the best of luck on your healing.



Laser Hair Removal Horror Story-

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Epidemic Sound-



00:00 What Happened
01:37 6mth Update
02:43 Recovery Journey
03:57 Update Pics
04:11 Actions Taken
05:23 Moving Forward

5 replies
  1. מאיה חדד
    מאיה חדד says:

    Happened to me two months ago
    The burns became white pigmented
    I'm very afraid that it won't pass..
    The doctor said one or two years
    Did you put something on it that would go away? Or you just hid from the sun

  2. Rosie ella
    Rosie ella says:

    thank you so much for the update. this exact same thing happened to me 3 weeks ago and is covered with white patches all over my upper arm so this update means a lot to me right now. it really sucks having to wear full sleeves all the time because it's super hot and humid here.

  3. Mahima Tripathi
    Mahima Tripathi says:

    Love you Eshi. So happy to see your recovery. I'm healing well too. I got mine done in Michigan also as I live here in Detroit. I guess we were both unlucky brown skinned girls. Wish you a happy summer <3 hope you can enjoy well!

  4. Lana Rey
    Lana Rey says:

    thank you for sharing your experience
    you're such a beautiful lady inside and out ❤
    this will definitely help people to think twice about where to start their laser hair removal treatments .
    happy for you to see that most of the scarring is not visible anymore ❤❤❤

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