How To: Apply Self Tanner


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This was one of THE MOST requested tutorials I’ve ever received 👀 Looks like we ALL could use some sunshine even if it’s sunless 😉 The Sjolie Bronzing Mousse is SO easy to apply. I would definitely only apply it with a tanning mit for a 100% streak free application ☀️🧴

Here are some tips:
1. Shower, exfoliate and shave beforehand.
2. It shows up right away but gets darker and develops over 8 hours ( you guys saw it took me only 3 hrs to get a gorgeous tan)
3. You can apply it in the AM or PM before bed.
4. It won’t get on dark clothes so wear black undergarments and dark loose clothes.
5. When you shower, wash with soap. Don’t scrub.
6. Moisturize your skin everyday or use the Sjolie Tan Extending Lotion to get a full 7-12 days with your tan. •

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