MOVING VLOG: packing up my Boston apartment, bye bye summer :(


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36 replies
  1. Tyara Taylor
    Tyara Taylor says:

    This summer went by so quickly! I remember you and max moving in for the summer. I’m sure you’re ready to get back home and sleep in your own bed. Nothing like home ❤️

  2. Madison Merritt
    Madison Merritt says:

    I will miss the Boston Vlogs but I love the Allentown vlogs soo much! Like you said I feel like it was just yesterday I saw your vlog moving to Boston! Best of luck getting settled back in Allentown.

  3. Helza H
    Helza H says:

    you and lucy were so funny packing stuff and just throwing things randomly in boxes and balancing them on top of each other haha, gonna miss the boston vlogs!!

  4. Connor Rebecca
    Connor Rebecca says:

    Okay I am totally not saying this is what happened to your phone but I’ve seen paranormal things happen to people that have had psychic readings. Hoping it was just the vacuum. Make sure to back up your pics with google photos if you get a new phone. Love your videos and wishing you the best in the new town 💜💜

  5. Grant + Rachel Weierke
    Grant + Rachel Weierke says:

    I moved away from my friends last year and I honestly love the PA vlog more because for me it’s more relevant- but bittersweet forsure! Also— the notifications on your phone are out of control!! Hahah

  6. Haley Madison
    Haley Madison says:

    I get that the wives of nfl players move to the location of the team…but Gretchen you can afford to live in both places. i worry you’ll be all alone in Allentown. Boston is where you thrive

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