My anti-aging skincare routine! #skincareroutine #shorts


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  1. Jay Cee-Ess
    Jay Cee-Ess says:

    🇯🇲😲My morning routine: African black soap, with hazel and rosewater, HLA, vit c serum, SPF, moisturizer.
    My night routine: zilch, nyet, nada, nothing, none, zeerow.

  2. ArmyMoa💜💙
    ArmyMoa💜💙 says:

    Wait , this is for an AM routine , right ?!👀 I mean there are so many serums ….so many ….. is it okay to use all those serums in the morning ?! I personally don't think its right even if u use sunscreen 🤌🏻.

  3. Mysteria
    Mysteria says:

    I'm not going to lie, but I use a lot of hydration products too since my skin is so parched and I live in a dry state 😆 it may seem like we're overdoing it, but in my opinion it really helps my complexion from looking more dull. Using minimal products makes my skin feel dry and tight even after moisturizer so unfortunately I lather on multiple products. 🙃 my wallet hates me

  4. Achu Christi
    Achu Christi says:

    I just turn 30 this June and my skin is much better than it used to be in my teen years or in my 20s. So, i don't see a fuse regarding turning 30. And maybe it's Asian thing but i don't have fine lines or wrinkles. Even my cousin who is 35 doesn't have fine lines.

  5. MMC
    MMC says:

    My esthetician and dermatologist say complicated skincare routines are unnecessary. An AM routine should be as simple as a cleanser, toner or essence, vitamin C serum, preferably L-ascorbic acid with ferulic acid, moisturizer, and sunscreen reapplied throughout the day. Sunscreen is really the must -have, however.

    Nighttime routines should be similar, just swap a retinol for vitamin C (preferably with niacinamide or azaelic acid). A balm can be used with cleanser to remove makeup if necessary.

    Obviously, these products should be tailored to an individual’s skincare needs, but the rest of it; eye cream, masks, and facial oils are unnecessary as are cleansing tools like Clarisonics, jade rollers, etc…

    Most of the “at home devices” are gimmicks and at don’t work as promised, and more harm than good can come from micro needling and derma planing at home.

    I had similar skin care routine, but simplified it after seeing a dermatologist. I am quickly approaching 30 (no I’m not old), and my skin has never looked better.

  6. jippun
    jippun says:

    I hate watching people with obviously good genes make videos like this, because it’s such a lie. no, the $300 you spent on your 15 skincare products has not gone to good use and changed your entire complexion into dewy flawlessness. you’ve never had acne in your bloody life. god I can’t stand influencers.

  7. L S
    L S says:

    Gosh these comments are quite rude! There is nothing wrong with layering products from thin to thick and actually using these hydrating products feels great on dry skin. I have dry skin and do something similar (except wash my face with only water in the morning) and my skin is very healthy. Using a moisturizer and sunscreen is not enough for me.
    Just because it doesn't work for you doesn't mean you should be rude about it working for someone else smh

  8. Priya Nair
    Priya Nair says:

    Try this instead: don’t use ANYTHING on your face for two days.. not even face wash.. just wash with water if needed.. your own skin’s sebum is the best skincare.. of course, wash when you go out and you feel like your face is dirty with all the pollution. But even then, just use an oil cleanser..

  9. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth says:

    I think she just won the genetic lottery. None of those products are going to make just anyone look like this. I bet she could wash her face with tap water and look like this. Also agree with people in the comments saying this isn't necessarily a dermatologist approved routine, it's so many products and they're overpriced as well

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