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#makeup #beauty #selflove #motivation #confidence #makeuptutorial

22 replies
  1. Mikel Cochran
    Mikel Cochran says:

    U are so awesome!! Ever since I found ur channel I have started working on my makeup skills (which was zip before ur videos) and YOU have taught me that beauty IS more then the outside…. That confidence is everything… I came from a broken home as well, I’m 40yrs old and still don’t know what my calling is BUT watching ur videos always leaves me laughing… smiling or just plan feeling good so THANK YOU for that hun💜💙💚❤️💛🧡

  2. Jill Randall
    Jill Randall says:

    🥰 I love this for so many reasons. I’m a behavioral health nurse, and I so appreciate your authenticity. I have no doubt that you are saving lives. I’m so glad you are sharing your talent, stunning looks and sense of humor!

  3. Elizabeth Acres
    Elizabeth Acres says:

    I don’t have the skills, money, or confidence, but when i do I will remember you and follow your tutorials years after everyone forgets them. Even if you ditch Barbara, Trevor, and MAC employee, I will still remember them.

  4. Wonder Alice
    Wonder Alice says:

    Omg im so glad im not alone with Depressions that have been going on for longer
    Everyone at work is like saying "Youre sick again?? Like dont be so fragile"

    The only available psychologists for me have a waitlist in 3 YEARS!

  5. Leslie Bean
    Leslie Bean says:

    I love you Johnny. This brought so much warmth to my heart. My home life was broken too. I’m so grateful you’re unafraid to share, and let others know we’re not alone.

  6. James S
    James S says:

    Because of your shorts I was able to do better eyeshadow blending and really have fun with makeup again. I can’t wait to see what color looks I come up with

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