huge SEPHORA & ULTA TRY ON HAUL //new tula skin tint, $6 powder, r.e.m. concealer…


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trying new ulta and sephora drugstore and high end makeup! If you’re new ➫ hit the 🔔 & subscribe to be notified when I upload ✖✖


Amazon STOREFRONT (all my favs) →

◇ Charlotte tilbury SPF 50 flawless primer
◇ (mentioned) Supergoop glow screen
◇ Tower 28 SPF 30 in Melrose
◇ TULA Radiant Skin Tint SPF 30 in 06 light cool (code “TAYLORWYNN” for tula discount)
-if you’re shopping on TULA, I also love this and this
◇ Real Techniques square sponge
◇ Haleys Beauty foundation brush
◇ (mentioned) Alastin Tinted SPF
◇ r.e.m concealer in light 7C (after testing more, I like this but you need to set with powder for sure)
◇ makeup by Mario clear brow gel
◇ nyx brown pencil in ash brown
◇ Charlotte Tilbury lip & cheek glow in color of dreams
◇ Charlotte Tilbury mini trio look in 5 sets (golden glow is my favorite one)
◇ (mentioned) Charlotte Tilbury highlighting wand I don’t like
◇ brush used for cream blush
◇ essence 16h cover & last powder in 05 classic vanilla
◇ (mentioned) similar CT powder
◇ (mentioned) elf camo powder foundation
◇ makeup by Mario soft sculpt transforming skin enhancer tint in light/medium
◇ (mentioned) MAC Skinfinish powder
◇ Anastasia eye primer
◇ juvias place eyeshadow palette taupes (more I’ve tried this I don’t like it, they almost disappear off the eyes)
◇ flower beauty eye brush
◇ julep eyeliner
◇ Lottie London mascara
◇ bh cosmetics beige eyeliner
◇ eylure luxe faux mink pre glued lashes
◇ mascara for lower lashes
◇ tarte juicy lip plump in mixed berries
◇ makeup by Mario plumping lip serum in rose glow
◇ (mentioned) Fenty suga kiss
◇ lipliner Cheekbone Beauty sustain lips in Sand
◇ (mentioned) nyx marshmallow sponge


◇ earrings:
◇ shirt: tjmaxx
◇ self tanner I’m wearing (but I DON’T rec, gets really patchy after 2 days)
◇ apple watch details:
-my watch
-gold chain band
-gold bumper to match
-gold bracelet with it
◇ Clothing rental: fashion pass $15 OFF TAYLOR30W
◇ rings & other jewelry
◇ phone case


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45 replies
  1. MJ Julian
    MJ Julian says:

    Your comment about your "obnoxious" green phone made me smile because I travel with some of the most obnoxiously-hued objects in existence. My luggage itself is sleek, but I choose obnoxiously bright travel items to lessen the chance of something getting left behind if I'm packing in a hurry in dim light. There are so many black objects in hotel rooms, hideous neon green, fuschia, etc. make it so much easier to not leave things behind. They're not even colors I like, but it works!

  2. Carly Roth
    Carly Roth says:

    Your face shape is amazing! Something has changed but I'm not sure what. I've been watching you for a hot minute. But also your hair seems darker and I'm loving the shorter cut!

  3. Elizabeth Ann ferrario
    Elizabeth Ann ferrario says:

    Hi , i must admit i buy alot of charlotte Tilbury but i haven’t bought her triple sticks or what ever they are called as i didn’t like the concept , as obviously you don’t! i prefer singles so i can select whatever i want to use , but i must say she hasn’t brought out any eyeshadows lately , i wonder why ? but i have just bought the spf and primer combo as you seemed to like it so i thought i would give it a go , but on the whole i love her makeup, i have almost all her quads and all her holiday palettes which serve me well , easy to use easy to use in a rush , which i seem to be in alot of the time ,
    thanks for the video it was great ! regards liz , from a mature lady !

  4. Vanessa Watkins
    Vanessa Watkins says:

    In one of the promos on her channel for r.e.m. beauty, Ariana grande says that she pronounces it r-e-m but proceeded to say like whatever you wanna call it, r.e.m./rem, it's all one in the same to her, I guess?!

  5. Marisol
    Marisol says:

    Hi Taylor! Just rewatching here but I noticed your channel doesn’t have the little thank you heart that lets us send money to support your channel.

  6. Nicole Edmonds
    Nicole Edmonds says:

    Girl! You are so right about the make up by Mario lips feeling like they were melted in the car, with that being said I just ordered two more! 🤣
    Love the tingle it reminds me of my other favorite lip products from Buxom.

  7. decophile
    decophile says:

    1 : of or relating to an order of existence beyond the visible observable universe
    especially : of or relating to God or a god, demigod, spirit, or devil
    2a : departing from what is usual or normal especially so as to appear to transcend the laws of nature
    b : attributed to an invisible agent (such as a ghost or spirit)

  8. Nicka Lah
    Nicka Lah says:

    I used to work for Ulta's customer service (not directly within the company, they used to outsource most customer service employees domestically and internationally… not sure nowadays tho), and their site is a mess. Working there got me into more brands outside of drugstore makeup tho 😃

  9. seajewel
    seajewel says:

    The makeup by Mario skin enhancer in light medium is my favorite makeup product of all time. I’m obsessed with it, it’s just the cream bronzer I was looking for all this time. The shade is perfect too. Light was too pale for my pale skin but I kept it and sometimes use it more liberally than I would a bronzer.

  10. Rachel Landry Saunier
    Rachel Landry Saunier says:

    Hey Taylor! I use the shade ash brown in that NYX brow pencil. For reference, I have medium-dark brown hair. Not brunette but not pure brown, a bit darker than that. I personally think you’d look better with one shade darker in that brown pencil since you have black hair. And omg, you gotta get on Sigma to bring back your brushes in separates lol.

  11. Cathy Gordon
    Cathy Gordon says:

    Hey Taylor! Love this video today! Your look is flawless, but there were a few moments with a few products where I thought "eww", but you're such a talented pro, of course you pulled it off! Quite a lot of the products listed and linked appeared to be lined thru, and I'm wondering if this was your intent or a YouTube "oops!" But I agree with your editorial about the Juvia's Place eyeshadows; that line has so many wonderful color stories available, why waste great eyes like yours on such boring shades? And I'm extremely interested in the idea of the new Essence powder over Bliss Block Star; I use Block Star all the time and use a well-buffed light dusting of BareMinerals Original loose mineral powder foundation over it for just a little more coverage on my weirdly-textured rosacea patches. I will try that new Essence powder to try to save my BareMinerals for when I really want its super coverage to stand alone. So I thank you for this video, your look is great!

  12. Martha L Stivers
    Martha L Stivers says:

    I absolutely LOVE that Taylor does not use any filters in her videos! I really wish other influencers would get rid of filters & let us see how the makeup looks on their natural skin… Thanks for being REAL Tayla 😉!

  13. Goth Kitten Life
    Goth Kitten Life says:

    I wanted to tell anyone who might have dark circles under your eyes like I do, there’s a very affordable concealer I like it’s by L.A colors cosmetics in the shade yellow it works pretty great for me I like it better then the elf concealers and the Maybelline age rewind conceal for covering up dark circles and it’s only a couple dollars.

  14. RocketMansDaughter
    RocketMansDaughter says:

    I keep getting errors on the site saying 'there's been an error, please try again later'. All I'm trying to do is add things to my cart when it happens. And yes to the lag time…takes forever to load the page when I'm just clicking different shades on a product!

  15. Susan Mather Barone
    Susan Mather Barone says:

    I too invent words or use the wrong word during migraine. I told my hubby I put his coffee in the furnace today, not thermos. Hey, it was close. lol I love the softened eyeliner look you created. So pretty. Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil and anything from UOMA Beauty really. The contour stick looked interesting.

  16. Lisa Myers
    Lisa Myers says:

    The Ulta website is always so slow for me, too. There is always a pop-up from my web browser telling me that the site is using a lot of battery power so I should quit viewing that site.

  17. Samantha Rose
    Samantha Rose says:

    Yes Ulta's website is always extremely slow when I get on there! In regards to your brows, idk if it's the lighting or not but I think ash brown is too warm for you. I think you should try a brow pencil in grey. I think it'll look stunning on you without being as harsh as a black one would. 🖤

  18. Diane Welzel
    Diane Welzel says:

    I like Ulta's site! I love that the items I add to my cart stay in my cart until I either buy them or remove them. Some sites will empty your cart after a certain # of mins – THAT drives me up a wall!!! Your hair really did look great in this vid – not sure what you did. Maybe it was the pie and brownies plumping up your hair??!? 🤷🏼‍♀👍🏻

  19. Rose
    Rose says:

    I love watching your videos especially foundation Fridays! There’s this lash glue eyeliner that you draw your eyeliner and stick your lashes on. It’s by the brand Kiss.

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