New RoseSkinCo LUMI IPL Laser Hair Removal + 1 year later


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Hey guys! RoseSkinCo came out with a new IPL Handset called #Lumi. In this video I go over all the differences with the new Lumi and the OG IPL Handset. I started my IPL treatments last year and I wanted to compare ease of use and talk about the key features that I think make the biggest difference.

So far, I’ve treated my legs, my underarms and my upper lip. I also include before and after photos of when I started using IPL! What do you guys think about IPL treatments? Is this something you’ve been curious about or want to invest in? Let me know in the comments down below!

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0:00 INTRO
2:27 LUMI

This video is sponsored by #RoseSkinCo and all opinions and experiences are my own, that I have gathered through my own use! I will only work with brands that have products I truly love and I appreciate your continued support in allowing me to work with these brands!

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  1. Szilva H
    Szilva H says:

    I ordered the latest LUMI hair removal IPL machine on Aug. 7th. This is now the 15th. I received one order confirmation and two custom service email so far to say that my order is going to take 1-2 weeks. The tracking says NY on it for starting place but it’s not moving for over a week now. I don’t think this company is in NY. If you look at their website, the shipping times are shortest in Singapore. This seems to be based on Asia not in the US as they make it appear. I was charged on the 7th but the item is still showing to be in NY. I regret ordering from RoseSkin and I do not recommend anyone doing so. I can’t even write a review on their website even though I purchased from them. They are a phony company.

  2. vea1 SVEN
    vea1 SVEN says:

    i usualy use neutragena rapid wrinkle and skin repair and sunblock
    MY ONLY QUESTION IS can i put those on right after or should i leave my face alone for a few days until hair grows back
    its pretty simple shave then use zap once then wait for regrow but ya reply if you can THANKS HUGGYS ♥

  3. vea1 SVEN
    vea1 SVEN says:

    i just got mine today too me 30 seconds to do my face
    felt great think ill o the LVL1 1st week LVL2 2nd week LVL3 3rd week
    maybe 1up every 2 weeks ♥♥♥♥♥

  4. Nikki P.
    Nikki P. says:

    Thank you for this! Very informative! I do have a question it maybe silly but do you have to shave before you use The Lumi? Or any IPL or that matter?

  5. Sami June
    Sami June says:

    I was thinking about grabbing the Lux Skin since it's the same model as the kenzzi and OG Rose skin co, but I'm interested in this new design even though it's twice the price of the Lux Skin

  6. notcheline
    notcheline says:

    Maybe I missed but do you have to put gel before performing it and then put cream afterwards? If so, does it come with these or you gotta buy them separately?

  7. Sarah Sauer
    Sarah Sauer says:

    I was bought the lumi today and I’m excited for when it gets here. I’m nervous because people on tiktok say it’s a scam and never delivers to their house 😬. Also, would you happen to know if I can use this on my happy trail area to my belly button while pregnant?

  8. Faith
    Faith says:

    Is it normal to not feel any pain? I had it on level 3 and it didn’t hurt at all- even around the bikini area. But the device gets super hot. I don’t know if maybe I got a fake one?

  9. Lady A of Pineapple
    Lady A of Pineapple says:

    I'll hold you personally responsible if it doesn't work. No pressure. 😂

    PS I saw an ad for this company on snapchat (after having a convo about this last night, oooOooooooo), googled lumi reviews, and you were one of the top results, so here we are! Thanks for the code, and hooray for Afterpay.

  10. ZiadBeirut
    ZiadBeirut says:

    can i use it on the area above my eyebrows and to the sides of between eyebrow and head hair. sure i must close my eyes with my hand or anything..
    my hairdresser used to wax my upper eyebrows and sides .i struggle with picking hair everynow and then.
    i wonder if it is possible with this device and not harming my eyes

  11. Mandi Wolfe
    Mandi Wolfe says:

    Great review! Very interested in the newer version, since the one I have (different company) gets so hot after only a few minutes and the extra fan space at the bottom would solve that issue. Plus that longer cord would be so helpful! Unfortunately, at this time it's still out of my price range even after the coupon code. Thanks for sharing!

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