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Products Mentioned:
black and gold Belt bag
Black skims inspired body suit
White boots
Nike Air Force ones shadow
Black two piece jumpsuit
Blue evening dress
Bondi sands self tanner
Kiss ruffle lashes
Kokie blush
Black Coated Mom jeans
Green crop top
Black cut out dress
Bed head Hair crimper
Brown flowy skirt
Necklace separator
Pool float
Dining room chairs
Dining room wall sconces
Dining room chandelier
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Hi, Im Kelly Strack! On my channel you will find makeup tutorials, get ready with me videos, full face first impressions, makeup hauls, sephora hauls, PR unboxings + more!

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38 replies
  1. Coco Gla
    Coco Gla says:

    I've ur vids and adore Amazon but wld u consider adding the links for the comparable products from Amazon UK cos sometimes I try yo but stuff but can't find it on UK? X

  2. Jennifer Molina
    Jennifer Molina says:

    If I hadn't given birth to 2 children, I would be all over these clothes! They are adorable and look great on you. I'm not obese by any means, but I do have that special place on my belly where the children stretched out.

  3. Bobbi Lea
    Bobbi Lea says:

    Those booties!! 😍 love the Nikes super cute and that necklace holder contraption.. and magnetic.. comon! so so cool! πŸ‘€ 🀯 πŸ˜‚

  4. spalover3
    spalover3 says:

    As a 50 ish fan of yours, I appreciate all the great tips, trends and the passion you share with your viewers. Ignore the negative Nancy’s comments. Perhaps they should start their own channel and stop trying to drag yours down. Keep up the great Amazon Must Haves Please!!

  5. Sherry Huckaby
    Sherry Huckaby says:

    So I'm old enough to be your mom, but I absolutely love watching your videos! Questions about the self tanner: Do you find that this one has that 'self tanner odor' like many of them do? Do you have any issues with it rubbing off on clothing?

    Thanks and have a blessed week!!

  6. Laura Lianne
    Laura Lianne says:

    I love your channel and your videos and more importantly you as a person, but im sick of hauls atm just because I'm so worried about the cost of living πŸ₯ΊπŸ€£ making me want something new for myself but feeling so guilty if I even think about haa ps also picking up all the extra shifts I can but still penniless sorry not trying to make you feel bad just had a bad day at work. Least your video has cheered me up abit πŸ€πŸ–€ love the shape wear top 😍 and that blue dress is actually stunning. I might test a dress out for my honeymoon in October never really buy off amazon πŸ™ƒ

  7. Tiffany Bengera
    Tiffany Bengera says:

    You should watch buying name brand on Amazon. I love Amazon but certain things name brand I only order from direct stores . I know a few people that have purchased fake brands and paid same amount .

  8. vetgmacatmomFl
    vetgmacatmomFl says:

    Kelly you my dear are stunning. Loved the haul. Those clothes looked amazing. Oh to be young again. Health makes me 70 not 49. I love the necklace gadget. That's really cool. I'm the queen of tangled Have a blessed week.

  9. Sandra Plumley
    Sandra Plumley says:

    That not wearing white after labor day doesn't exist anymore, think winter white. Now that being said I'm 53 and don't care about the rules people put on fashion. Definitely be yourself and have fun with it!!!! Who cares what people think?

  10. jos1994
    jos1994 says:

    Love Amazon hauls. The bodysuit is a must have in all colors, shirt and long sleeves. 😊 Love a good bodysuit that hugs, fits like shapewear and looks amazing. Thanks for sharing Kelly.

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