LASER HAIR REMOVAL VS. ELECTROLYSIS: Know the Pros and Cons – Dr. Amee Daxini | Doctors' Circle

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Hair removal has now become not just a luxury to have but a necessity especially in areas like the underarms or the upper lip which work not only for keeping us neat and clean but also very hygienic. But there are two ways that we can remove hair maybe not permanently removal but at least reduce. One of them is the laser method and the second is electrolysis. We began always with electrolysis where there is a probe or a device which is placed next to every hair follicle and low radio frequencies are passed so that the hair follicle then absorbs the heat and gets destroyed. Laser works the other way laser the laser light gets transmitted to the hair follicle because of the melanin that is present in the hair follicle it absorbs the light gets converted to heat and the follicle is destroyed. But what is the difference between the two then? The first difference here is that laser by virtue of being a larger probe we can cover large surface areas at one given time so the procedure takes much shorter time and there is less symptoms like pain swelling and redness with electrolysis because you have to target every hair follicle at a time it’s more cumbersome and takes much longer in laser hair removal you have to remember that because we’re using the laser light which is absorbed by the melanin not all hair follicles have enough melanin to absorb so the light does not get converted to enough heat to destroy the hair follicle that is why you need multiple sessions and many a times all the hair do not get completely removed. You will have few percentage remaining especially the lighter and the thinner hair, whereas in electrolysis because we work on every hair follicle, there are higher chances of complete reduction or removal of hair. The other difference that we notice with the two is because laser is a light we cannot work around the eyes especially the eyebrows because it’s very close to the retina which also contains melanin. Therefore laser cannot be done around the eyes for your eyebrows, but yes you can do electrolysis for your eyebrows because it does not have that side effect. Electrolysis is more cumbersome but as I said you get better results there laser is fast and I think most of us tilt towards laser just because it’s time saving other than that both of them are as safe without any downtime. Just remember to use your sunscreen hydrate and moisturize your skin.
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    Spice it up says:

    hi mam… can you pls tell me that electrolysis or lazer will affect health? i had undergone total thyrodectomy, 5yrs ago.. electrolysis will affect my health or give any other health issues?? pls pls do lemme know asap

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