tik tok self tanner- st. tropez x ashley graham | a fake tan review

today we are testing another tik tok find- st. tropez x ashley graham at home self tanning glow mousse. Subscribe! I’m here for you every single week!

✖️DIY HIGHLIGHTS:https://youtu.be/7mhPe4TC7iI


exfoliating towel: https://amzn.to/3OyeZP9

tanner: https://amzn.to/3EHITMf

item lip gloss: https://amzn.to/36Fn0kb

raw lotion: https://bit.ly/37AXkWC

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  1. Brittnee Alexus
    Brittnee Alexus says:

    thank you for all your tanner recommendations, I have ordered all your favorites and we will be doing a comparison to see which ones is better once all these B's come in the mail. Love ya'll!!

  2. BoMiSo Satori
    BoMiSo Satori says:

    I love Eco By Sonya Mousse and tan water. You use the tan water like a toner before bed, smells good and moistens the skin. And when its dry you just add nightcream. You can do this in the say also, I just kinda like waking up with the glow. This is vegan btw since you mentioned that. I also love the selfless tan, BUT because its so healthy you kinda need to use it faster or it splits and becomes odd. I usually just doesnt my arms and my face and neck and chest during the time of year when I have clothes on. Obviously during the seasons where we wear less clothes , I use it all over. And it doesnt streak and fades very naturally <3

  3. Ana Hallstrom
    Ana Hallstrom says:

    Ashley Graham is a beautiful model very body positive..she looks like most American women look..not you..you are super petite. The thing with this fabulous Ashley Graham is that she's probably a 12 or 14 and has an exotic look to her. And she is super funny.

  4. Pam N
    Pam N says:

    Sweet bumble! I had one of those big fluffy guys years ago. He showed up in the fall, on my porch and could not fly.I gave him some honey and he came back everyday for over two weeks., but as it got colder he could fly less and less. I never saw him again, after the first rain, which was super sad. God bless you for loving a little creature that many would not.

  5. Angela Rice
    Angela Rice says:

    I use to use a foam Bain De Sole’ back in the late 80’s and it was amazing! I couldn’t tell if I was orange tinted from that or from Iodine and baby oil? Plus I went to a stand up tanner and went to a face tanner too all in one day, and I don’t have skin cancer and hoping I don’t get it. But that was a normal day back in the 80’s

  6. Tara L
    Tara L says:

    Omg I just about bought this today!!! Thank you for this review it's sooo hard to find a self tanner that doesn't turn you orange and the price is decent!! I did however try the Jergens and for the $6 $7 bucks it is.. wow… seriously I was stunned by how awesome it turned out!! They were #1 in Mary Claire Magazine for store bought out of the more expensive ones. Anyhoo again gurl thank ya for your Sunday Service!!! 🙂

  7. #cute 💐 challenger 100
    #cute 💐 challenger 100 says:

    I love the idea of using the tanner as a contour.. I have really bad darks spots from the sun,and when I apply tanner to my whole face it makes them darker too! I'm gonna try just using it as a contour. Great idea girl thanks!

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