Laser Hair Removal on Dark Skin Gone WRONG and THEN Right?!?


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Subscriber Rocky got laser hair removal at a medical spa in Canada that didn’t have experience with dark skin and something expected AND unexpected happened. Find out how to avoid this and what to do if this happens to you!

Video edited by @coreyiel.ellis:

0:00 Yoooo
0:57 PCOS and Why Rocky Got Laser Hair Removal
1:48 Rocky’s Laser Hair Removal Experience
5:26 What NOT to Do After a Laser Burn
9:49 She Went Back?
12:12 Cost of Laser Hair Removal
13:18 The Outcome
14:55 How She Was Removing Facial Hair BEFORE Laser
16:26 Would She Do It Again
16:54 Some Things You Need to Know BEFORE Getting a Treatment

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39 replies
  1. Theresa MW
    Theresa MW says:

    Not that I should be because it’s not my body…but I was kind of annoyed by how this woman was defending the technician throughout. How did she do her due diligence, sis, if your neck got fried 🧐

  2. Zoya il Patel
    Zoya il Patel says:

    Hello from South Africa,I am so sorry to hear and see this young lady s despair,understandably so,I also had laser treatment 2019 at a accredited plastic surgeon(white male) I am indian with brown skin, the wrong laser was used,I suffered 3degree burns so badly I cannot go outdoor till today with 4 layers of sunskreen(white cast 30 per 2layers then 2 more of tinted from light to dark brown) I was treated with hydroquinine 1 year by another white derm ,a total mess ,
    I wish I had known better re laser on skin of colour,my biggest regret in life was this laser treatment and the doctors who did it,
    Thank you for sharing your experience young lady,I wish you all the best,

  3. H R
    H R says:

    I had laser hair removal years ago. I started in 2008 and the sessions were spaced out every 2 months if I remember correctly and it turned out great, but in my research in trying to find the right clinician to do it I was burned on my chin. The lady that I went to used the wrong laser and wasn't experienced with darker skin. She was sympathetic and paid for my doctors visit and medication to compensate for her mistake, I only went to her 1 time. I later found out that there is a whole different type of laser recommended for dark skin. I used to have horrible hyperpigmentation on my neck and jaw line. I now go about once a year for hormonal flair ups especial on the jaw line. I paid about $1000 for a package deal back then and now pay per pulse for a touch up which usually amounts to about $40. The clinic that I go to uses the Gentle YAG laser.

  4. Love Tedra
    Love Tedra says:

    Can you tell me how to treat the burns please. I used a lumi device and i have the exact same burns on my chin. I am trying to avoid permenant scarring and discoloration. I am stressing out.

  5. Amber U
    Amber U says:

    Yeah I have been getting Laser hair removal for about two years now and out the gate I asked do they have a laser for color skin and so far no issues. I love them and they offer peels but they do not offer Cosmelan peels or ones for hyperpigmentation so the search goes on for a qualified provider.

  6. eternaldubbs _
    eternaldubbs _ says:

    As a (formally) hairy dark skin black woman in the UK, I have been through it all in the quest for a hair free face- creams, plucking, waxing, electrolysis, wishing it away. When I finally found LHR, it was like the best thing that ever happened to me and I cannot recommend it enough. I first went to a v popular Asian woman for a patch test and was burned like Rocky but did not let that deter me. I eventually found a practice 4 years ago where although the tech was not black, she was knowledgeable and had worked on multiple black people and had the receipts. 8 or so sessions on and the difference in my skin was remarkable. Now it’s a matter of a top up session once a year. I am now quickly approaching my 50’s and I say do it, be free and hold that beautiful face up. I would highly recommend you do your research, make sure the place you go to uses a YAG laser, is used to looking after black skin, invest in some sunscreen and go for it. I have now turned into that person who will see a fellow sis with those tell tale dark marks and pull her aside and show her my before and after. Good Luck!

  7. Lady Lashhh
    Lady Lashhh says:

    Exfoliating scrub? Yuh maddddd 😩
    When we do test patches, on various settings to the forearm and we send the client home to see skin reactivity – they cannot book before 48-72hrs post test patch session

  8. so.many.obstacles
    so.many.obstacles says:

    I was treated at a place with an all-white staff. I saw a testimony video of their use of laser of tattoo removal on dark skin. They treated my tattoos first and I had great results. I went to a previous place that left me with hypopigmentation 😫

    Maybe a year or so later is when I started my hair removal process. We had a thorough consultation and they tested the areas before moving on to the full service. If the laser felt too hot, I would let them know and they would turn it down. Some areas are HIGHLY sensitive before and during your cycle, especially in hormonal areas.

    I got treated from my upper lip down to my toes and it was the best money I’ve ever spent.

  9. A1 A1
    A1 A1 says:

    This was super informative! Piggy backing on this video I'd love to see a video on red flags to look out for with laser hair removal places.

  10. HaiDera Hollins
    HaiDera Hollins says:

    I'm not mad at the technician, it appears she was honest about her lack of skill working on someone of Rocky skin tone. I'm upset that Rocky didn't search for a more qualified person. I totally get the desperation with wanting to fix an issue, but reading reviews and going with the first person is never advised.

    Danielle – could you research more on PCOS? I keep hearing that women who were put on birth control as a teen are the ones who get diagnosed with it. I feel like I read a lot of conspiracy theories on why we're suddenly hearing about this condition. 🤔

  11. Marie-Claire Asseko
    Marie-Claire Asseko says:

    In terms of pricing, for YAG laser, I have paid varying prices per session (with taxes): from 120$ CAD to 280$ CAD for the lower jaw & chin area. Bikini would 180$ CAD to 250$ CAD. You typically get a package deal or touch-up price after X number of sessions.

  12. Marie-Claire Asseko
    Marie-Claire Asseko says:

    Wouawwh! She healed like that in 14 days? I would have never guessed something happened.
    I got burned the same way on the jaw and chin area; no kidding it took 18 months for the exact same scars on both sides to totally fade away. And that's with a consistent rotation of exfoliating/brightening products and hydrating/soothing products. Another testimony to how specific and different one's skin is!

  13. luvlocs06
    luvlocs06 says:

    I didn't have access to a POC for my laser hair therapy, but the lady I went to had done it for well over 10 years and had done many POC. So I felt comfortable and it worked out. She told me no matter where I go, I should only use a YAG laser. I've had upper lip, chin, underarms, lower abs, bikini line, and full leg with success.

  14. LifeWithGloreeB
    LifeWithGloreeB says:

    This was great! I got burned once before but it was not that bad. My dermatologist specializes in skin of color and I have been seeing her for years. I think I got burned around the 3rd treatment. I have about 2 sessions left and paid for 6 sessions. My doctor was very apologetic and reduced the setting on the next.

  15. feyisa
    feyisa says:

    I am had this same experience a few years back. Went for laser on my chin and neck. She did a consultation and tested a bunch of different areas which did well and ended up being fine. The day of my appointment came and it was a different story. Baby, I felt the heat🔥. I actually did speak up once it was becoming too much, but by then the damage had been done. 2-3 days later I had a couple tiger stripes on my chin n neck. I actually did NOT go back to them because I was scared to get burned again. Eventually I found a person who specializes in melanated skin and my sessions went well. Another thing that she told me is that the time of year also makes a difference. If it’s summertime and HOT outside, best believe that it’s going to encourage your skin to trap heat longer. Especially if you’re not going STRAIGHT home with an ice pack to stay indoors right after your appt.

  16. kelvin
    kelvin says:

    I’m sorry but this lady is making excuses for someone who is not well educated on the skin nor the device she is using. So many things about what she was saying was unsettling. “Exfoliate the skin after irritation “, WTF 😳 anyone knows you never calm irritation with irritation. Main reason why I would always seek a board certified dermatologist or a surgeon, they know better. Lastly it’s a Med spa ,so what she was paying was ridiculously cheap. But we all know it’s not the smartest thing to try to bargain while getting a skin procedure. I definitely wouldn’t have went back the second time after the first experience. I will say though I’m glad she made it out okay.

  17. Sknergy 100
    Sknergy 100 says:

    ..the difference in treating dark skin is not emphasized in aesthetics schools and I’m sure that tech felt awful .. but she didn’t know what she didn’t know. Normally it’s all learned after you’ve burned someone or been burned :/ i am really looking forward to better universal training for Esthetician’s on SOC

  18. Sass K
    Sass K says:

    People of color should only be using a YAG Laser. I get laser hair removal all the time here in NYC. I have NEVER peeled after a laser hair treatment. Is she sure she didn't get a chemical peel. WTF! Is it possible she had some sort of retinol on her skin before getting laser treatment. You are supposed to stop all retinol and certain medications 1 week before a laser hair removal session.

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