The BEST Self Tanner out there??!


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I’ve literally tried soo many self tanners, from mousses to lotions. I heard of the Norvell tanner and it’s claim to be professional grade so I thought I’d give it a try! Here’s my honest impressions of this self tanner.

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  1. Andrea Foffe'
    Andrea Foffe' says:

    Damn girl, If I had your figure I wouldn't even care about self tanning. Great video but not dark enough for my taste. I would have to use two coats but I think I'll try it it's very natural looking. Thank you for this.

  2. Julie Lyons
    Julie Lyons says:

    The color came out great on you, and I have to say your kids are adorable! I also put very little self tanner on my hands. I do my entire body then whatever is leftover on my mitt I will lightly rub onto my hands. I personally feel like the biggest mistake we all can make it putting the self tanner directly on our hands and wrists. I also make sure to apply plenty of moisturizer to my wrists, elbows, and ankles, and my hands so that the self tanner doesn't sink into the natural creases. Thank you for this review.

  3. Christie Lawrence
    Christie Lawrence says:

    6:10 oh no 🤪😅 Don’t worry…I have the perfect video for you when doing your hands.

    Seriously the most underrated tanning video ever!! The only thing I change is the particular lotion she uses on her hands and feet after application. I use an petroleum and oil based lotion to fade out the tan. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel is the best.

  4. Christie Lawrence
    Christie Lawrence says:

    2:46 Finally someone with some common sense about how to do their hands properly!! I absolutely cringe when I see girls put the exact same amount on their hands as the rest of their body 😭🤣 And washing the hands 30 minutes after their application is not the answer 😝

  5. Christie Lawrence
    Christie Lawrence says:

    1:58 Does it say “Plus” as in Venetian Plus on the bottle? I see it said it on the website. I use the Venetian Plus which gives me an absolutely beautiful color. Hands down my favorite tanner. I love the thinner formula of professional solutions because they dry down instantly…so much quicker than mousse and even foam versions like Bondi Sands Aero line. Especially helpful in humid climates such as South Florida where I am

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