morning SKINCARE routine 2022 ✨clear skin 101


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25 replies
  1. Cecile Krayker
    Cecile Krayker says:

    This was very beautiful, but I prefer to use cold water for the face, no matter how cold the weather is, this is more useful and preserves the pores of the face. Your video was really beautiful and motivated me to take care of myself more😊. Thank you❤️❤️

  2. kookonut
    kookonut says:

    what’s your skin like ? bc i wanna buy some of these products but like, it might just work for ur skin type. my skin is very dry and I have a bunch of acne , so im not sure what would work best.

  3. Catelynne S
    Catelynne S says:

    Caro imma give u a tip and yh I'm on the late train lol when u wet ur face try to use room temperature or somewhere in the middle bc ur not supposed to apply extreme temperature on ur face that will cause transepidermal water loss over time and when ur applying oil to ur face w/ a applicator as asthetic as it seems letting the dropper touch ur face can allow bacteria go on it and when u place it back in the bottle it can make the product expire faster and stop it from hving those benefits it was made to do. Ly<3

  4. Braylee Rasmussen
    Braylee Rasmussen says:

    i love this video!! I struggle with acne in the winter and i wondering if this helps with acne and dry skin.
    ALSO i am OBSESSED with your mirror in the background, where is it from?

  5. p.brooke1
    p.brooke1 says:

    hey! when you finish your skincare, do you put on makeup afterwards? i'm trying to figure out when the best time to put makeup on is! right now, i'm only doing skincare at night, but you have the clearest and prettiest skin so any tips would help! love you Caroline! <3

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