My Morning Skincare Routine for Glowy & Smooth Skin | Sharing THE Skincare Hack for Dry Skin


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My Morning Skincare Routine for Glowy and Dewy Skin| Sharing the Secret Tip that saved my Dry Skin!

Hi Everyone,

Happy Friday! Are you excited for the weekend?

For todays video I wanted to share my morning skincare routine with you. I suffer from very sensitive and dry skin and it took me years to figure out what worked for me! My skin has never been smoother, more hydrating and glowy!

I am curious , which skincare products have you been obsessed with lately?

I am currently on a wellness trip in Utah with Revolve and can’t wait to share the vlog next week with you! If you want to follow along then don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @Sanne Vloet



Products I have been using:

Omorovisca Cleanser:
Dr Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum:
Dr Barbara Sturm Face Cream Rich:
Ize Hydrating Face Oil:
Dermalogica Vitamin C Serum:
Dermalogice Vitamin C Eye Serum:
Make up
Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter:
NudeStix Blush:
Giorgo Armani Luminious Silk Foundation:

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50 replies
  1. Mark LaGrone
    Mark LaGrone says:

    I think your right. You can easily clog your pores up. Adding your product while your skin is wet is exactly what my dermatologist told me to do after I shower with applying lotion.

  2. Heaven Phillips
    Heaven Phillips says:

    Wow, I naturally did some of these. My issue is my eyes look like they have bags under them, and have slight black bumps on my nose. The rest of my face looks pretty flawless. I dont have expensive products though sadly

  3. Mariah Jamil
    Mariah Jamil says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your channel. God bless you and have a great day 😘💞.
    I am Hajah Mariah from The Malaysia.
    My time now is 11.28 p.m. good night from me here.
    Bye for now 😘💞..

  4. Nas S
    Nas S says:

    Love your routine .just one thing: you have to put first serums.then cream then oils. If you put thr cream last. It cant penetrate and hydrate properly the skin. If you put the oil last then it locks in the moisture

  5. DinaDina
    DinaDina says:

    Don't forget the sunscreen please because it's a very important step in skincare and also try to give your neck some attention by applying the products to it as it will thank you later on when you age

  6. Skincare&Hairremoval-official
    Skincare&Hairremoval-official says:

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  7. meow
    meow says:

    I use thermal water spray and on top of it just put my cera ve cheap cream and its sooo good if u have dry skin and empty wallet

  8. 王礼敢
    王礼敢 says:

    Herbal Antibacterial Cream Psoriasis Cream Anti-itch Relief Eczema Skin Rash Urticaria Desquamation Treatment
    ▶Natural herbal formula Sophora flavescens, Treats, Aloe Vera, Coix Seed penetrates the skin and relieves many symptoms of psoriasis including itching, flaking, redness and irritation.

  9. Tripti Pratap singh
    Tripti Pratap singh says:

    okay three things that need improvement
    1 : DO NOT use vitamin C on wet or damp face i really like applying my acids on damp skin except vitamin C and your aha bha because water reduces their efficacy, every acid actually performs really well with water except these two that i mentioned
    2 : where is the SPF ??? never ever use any acid without spf of 50 atleast it will do more harm than good
    3 : okay this should have been the first point but nonetheless NEVER use skincare on wet skin your acids are supposed to be layered on damp skin not wet its not like wet skin application is bad but damp works better so instead of splashing water use fine mist like she said.
    everything else was perfect

  10. Taureanfitness
    Taureanfitness says:

    This was really helpful thank you. My skin is so dry but when I put a lot of stuff on my face it just clogged my pores without hydrating it. Also I accidentally figured out the wet trick so that is a fabulous tip

  11. Amalie
    Amalie says:

    Girl, if you struggle with dark spots you absolutely need SPF, no need to use vitamin C to fade dark spots if you do not use SPF (looks like you have melasma that will only get worse without SPF).

    And oil is ALWAYS last step before SPF, everything you put on after will not be able to absorb because of the oil.
    Cleanser, toner, essence, serum, moisturizer, oil, SPF.

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