Laser Hair Removal: Dermatologist Answers Common Questions! | Dr. Sam Ellis


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Laser hair removal is one of the most popular in-office cosmetic treatments. That’s why I asked my followers on Instagram to send in their laser hair removal questions so I could answer them in this video. You’ll learn about the risks, how long it takes to see results, what hair color it’s best for, and so much more.


00:00 Intro
00:31 How Lasers Work
01:56 Who it Works Best On
02:29 On Darker Skin Tones
03:35 Laser Recommendations
04:16 Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation
05:02 Blonde or Red Hair
05:43 Dermatologist or Med-Spa
07:54 Pain Level
08:34 Compared to Electrolysis
09:00 On the Face
09:38 Risks
10:23 Safe While Pregnant?
10:38 Active Ingredients & Medications
11:26 Keloid Scarring
11:51 Results & Maintenance
14:02 Hormones & Hair Growth
14:23 Treatment Frequency
14:56 At-Home Hair Removal
15:51 Other Side Effects
16:17 Hair Removal & Acne
17:12 Subscribe!

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26 replies
  1. John Boyett
    John Boyett says:

    How do we know what is a true laser treatment versus an IPL? It seems that so many places are saying they do laser treatments only to find out they are IPLs.

  2. Charlotte Stallion
    Charlotte Stallion says:

    I spent lot of money on laser and waxing but all failed 😞 the hair still came back, writing from the UK. I got rid of facial hairs with Doctor isibor alternative herbal treatment and body cleanser within 21 day’s, I am so happy

  3. Riyam
    Riyam says:

    What about soft facial hair? I do have them dark but they’re not really super dark if u get me? Can I have a laser removal and hope it’ll disappear?

  4. Daniel Lisa
    Daniel Lisa says:

    Certain ailments like PCOS which is believed to have no medical solution actually has permanent herbal cure.. I suffered with facial hair growth/PCOS,finally i came across a powerful herbal doctor on youtube Dr Isibor Alternative Herbs who sent herbs that got me cured permanently

  5. saeefa
    saeefa says:

    Hi 👋 Dr Ellis, a lot of people who seek out laser hair removal treatments will also have stretchmarks in areas that have hair, can laser hair removal machine also improve the appearance of stretchmarks, would you be hitting two birds with one stone?

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