My PICK: The Best Vegan Self Tanner Face Serum of 2021 ✨ 🌿

@McKenna reviews Beauty by Earth’s Self Tanner Face Serum
No more baking your face in the sun.

This self tanner face serum has all the bronzed-babe glow without the sun damage. Just apply this serum, follow up with your favorite moisturizer or facial oil, and you’re good to GLOW! Get a beautiful, natural-looking tan in just a few hours. Our custom formula is filled with natural, plant-based ingredients like aloe vera, citrus, peppermint. No more harsh chemicals, horrible fumes, or orange hues.

This tan, made with DHA that’s derived from sugar beets, gives you a full-body glow in just a few sprays!

Find the formula right for you! If you’re very fair complexioned, try the Fair to Medium Self Tanner Face Serum. For darker hues, we recommend the Medium to Dark formula. Remember: because this self tanner face serum contains zero dyes, it goes on clear. New to tanning? We’d recommend our face self tanner lotion instead.