This 1-HOUR Self Tanner is CHANGING THE GAME πŸ‘πŸ‘„πŸ‘(and only $15?!?!) + Tanning Your BACK


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Hey hi hello, friends! Today we are trying out the b.tan too tan to give a dam, 1-hour self tanner. Like usual, we are doing a first impressions & review all in one! Enjoy!
And let me know what you’d like to see next!

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L I N K S…
πŸ–€ SkinStore site –
πŸ–€ b.tan too tan to give a dam (insanely dark) –
πŸ–€b.tan we’ve got your back tan back applicator –
πŸ–€Vita Liverata Anti Ageing Self Tanning Serum, 15ml –

A L S O C H E C K O U T…
πŸ–€ My First Time Trying LOVING TAN! (FAIR SKIN) The Good, The Bad, The Orange? ~

πŸ–€ I Tried an AT-HOME, SPRAY-ON Tanner ~

πŸ–€ Moving VLOG: Starting Renovations + Packing & Moving + our cats see the house for the first time:

~ F O L L O W M E A R O U N D ~


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  1. Eden Jones
    Eden Jones says:

    Awesome video! So is it:
    1. Leave on for 1 hour
    2. wash off
    3. leave for the night.
    4. leave next coat for 4 hours
    5. wash off
    6. leave for the day

    Is there anything I'm missing?
    You look amazing!

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