A Natural Hair Journey | Transition | Tutorial


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Transition Hair Cut Video: http://youtu.be/-M86RM4E9rg
Transition Style Video: http://youtu.be/S32K9GprB3c
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Last spring I began helping an amazing young lady transition to her natural hair texture.
Having always had a healthy head of hair, though relaxed, she-and I, were a bit apprehensive about cutting all of her relaxed hair at once.

Since her hair had become severely damaged after enrolling in a major University and enduring all the stress that comes along with it, her hair began to suffer. Giving it a great deal of thought she decided to make the transition.

This video will showcase her transition and the final look we chose to help protect her beautiful new natural tresses.

It is highly recommended that you test your hair before attempting this style to be sure it is compatible with your hair type, texture and condition.

ABOUT THE STYLIST: In 2007, JAMIA uploaded the first “Flexi-Rod Set” video for Natural Hair and a complete series of Natural Hair Roller Setting Videos on YouTube(TM). She has helped 1000″s of stylists and countless women via her hairstyling videos, hair shows and workshops to improve their hair growth and retention by promoting hairstyling with an emphasis on the hair’s health as well as it’s beauty. Using 100% all-natural hair care products and her innovative styling techniques, many have learned how to improve their hair care and styling abilities in the salon and at home. She has encouraged many who have experienced chemical related hair loss and scalp conditions to “grow” natural. With her array of traditional as well as non-traditional natural hair styling and setting techniques she has helped many to see that they can achieve a beautiful polished look with their own healthy natural hair, using 100% pure and natural ingredients. Please enjoy her “Natural Hair Care & Styling” for ALL HAIR TEXTURES! Be sure to read her BLOG to get additional hair care & styling help and encouragement. Stay tuned, new videos will be added regularly. If you have questions about how to create styles or use natural products text your question to Jamia, 202-437-0457.

http://www.naturaloasisproducts.com/naturaloasisediblehairandskincareproducts/ Natural Hair No Heat Curls & Waves Flexi Perm Rod Set Tutorial. Hair by Jamia.

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42 replies
  1. Danyell Thomas
    Danyell Thomas says:

    when I saw this I immediately found the address to your salon as soon as I get a chance I am going to come and get my hair done it is a long way for me to drive but for once in my life I just want to look good you've done a fabulous job with this lady and I'm hoping you can help me as well I tried to transition and it turned out wrong I have Very Sensitive Scalp and I don't know what products to use in my hair my hair will not do any styles.

  2. 54frieda
    54frieda says:

    Also my daughter has the same type hair as the young lady in the video. I would like to see her hair done with the flexirods, I believe it will be beautiful

  3. 54frieda
    54frieda says:

    Your work is absolutely beautiful! Where are u located? I will travel to get you to do my hair with the flexirods. I have a full head of beautiful locs, and I would like to get them rolled like the girl in the natural hair skin care video. Even though she does not have locs. Is there a telephone number or email where I can contact you.
    F. Johnson

  4. Eulalia Johnson
    Eulalia Johnson says:

    I love the end product, i am in the process of going natural myself and are now looking for hairstyles I love it, its absolutely gorgeous. Need some pointers on products I normally use jojoba oil, olive oil, and coconut oil. But what should I use for the perm rod hairstyle.

  5. Le Anne Boohene
    Le Anne Boohene says:

    At first I thought I was crazy, but then when I saw the ending I KNEW I saw this girl somewhere before lol. Howard University graduate class of 2014!!! School of Communications!!! Congrats fellow alumna 🙂 #teamnatual  

  6. W. Shan Beauty
    W. Shan Beauty says:

    Love this hairstyle. I have seen women wear the micro braids just loose, but I love how you styled them. Also I love the song that was played in the video. I was hoping the title and artist were in the description box but they weren't. I'd love to know who the artist is.

  7. zheahra
    zheahra says:

    Shoot.  I needed my tissue. Beautiful young sistah. Much success and prosperity to her in all she does. Lovely hairdo. I've recently did my hair in a similar hairstyle except mine were (what I called) very mini two-strand twist. It took me a total of 2 1/2 days to complete this style. I never got around to rod setting my hair. I love how think and full hair is after the mini braids. My hair tends to be thinner at the crown. Thanks for sharing.

  8. LaToya Johnson
    LaToya Johnson says:

    If I had you as my stylist I think that I would finally have the courage to do the big chop. All your styles are so amazing and beautiful. Congratulations to the graduate.

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