Hitachi Hada Crie Cool (CM-N10000) – Tutorial


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Review and instructional video on the Hitachi Hada Crie Cool.

Please

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  1. Pei Kwan
    Pei Kwan says:

    U r using it even with your make up on?? Feel like wanna buy it before watching, no longer feel like purchasing after had enough of your annoying expression and tone.

  2. Liz Rice-Sosne
    Liz Rice-Sosne says:

    My Hitachi HadaCrie Cool just arrived via Amazon.  Your link below: "For a more detailed explanation," no longer works.  Ca you send me to another sight that has Enlish language instructions.  My new and unused "CM – N1000" came without instructions written in English.  Thank you.

  3. Lena Cheng
    Lena Cheng says:

    Hi, I just bought N1000 and I am not sure how to use it pls advise.

    I have to clean my face with my normal cleanser then follow by the make up remover?

    for toner do i need to use a cotton? moisturizer mode what types of moisturizer i should use? water base or cream base?

    As for step 4, do i need to apply anything?


  4. Sasha Lyonson
    Sasha Lyonson says:

    They are different models. The Pink is the Hada CRiE CM-N810. The white is the Hada CRiE Cool CM-N1000. the HCC is the newer model with updated features including the cooling touch the HC doesn't have

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