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Dominique Sachse is an amazing beauty and lifestyle Vlogger, so let’s breakdown her video on how to get volume in fine hair and see if a professional Hairstylist (that’s me) agrees with her approach. I’m going to review some of the video with you and explain if I agree with her techniques or not. She has a Pixie Bob haircut and she makes a LOT of great points in this video about how to style it. I reveal key insights into the “why” these techniques help to get volume in hair. I believe knowing the why a techniques works can be even more important than the “what” sometimes. I get to explain how to apply products to get the best results, why her round brush technique is so effective, as well as a HUGE tip about how to style the ack of your hair to get a more youthful look!

MAKE SURE TO WATCH HER FULL VIDEO to learn all about what products she uses and why, as well as the step by step on how she styles her hair. Click here to see that video:

You can check out Dominiques channel here (It’s great BTW!):

We can’t WAIT to get on the road and meet some of you awesome folks as well as have the opportunity to cut some of your hair! If you want to stay up to date on where we will be, when and how to connect for a haircut near you, CLICK HERE:

Below are my favorite products and tools!
-Hairstory dry shampoo
-Bumble and bumble styling cream

-Amazon oil

– L’Oreal Hairspray

– HairStory

-Infra shine



-Dyson Airwrap

-Dyson super sonic blowdryer
-Chi Touch 2
-Chi Rocket Search Amazon for the best price. I’m unable to find a link for it but it’s on amazon.

– Wet brush
– Volumizer
– Olivia Garden Round Brush

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  1. NOLA's Family
    NOLA's Family says:

    Hi Justin: I'm new to your channel; after watching a marathon of your videos which have been very helpful, I discovered this video; I have followed Dominique for 5 years and almost everything she does is spot on. I was a licensed cosmetologist/makeup artist. From a young person on TV until her retirement last year, she has learned a lot alongst the way. No one did her makeup or hair as Houston's top anchor. I think it's cool that you chose her as an example for online influencers and I see that she appreciates your opinion because you pinned her comment. You probably won't see this because this critique was earlier this year. I subbed your channel today and look forward to your Tuesday videos. See you real soon!

  2. Nancy Brown
    Nancy Brown says:

    This was sooo helpful and encouraging to those of us who are average in the looks department!!
    I work hard to look decent but the older I become(56) , the harder it is!!
    Thankfully, when I’m discouraged, I can look at my naturally beautiful 22 year old!😂😂
    Thanks for the tips!!
    I’ll be looking for more of your videos!!

  3. P Ville
    P Ville says:

    Thanks Justin for your breakdown of Dominique’s video. Your explanations as to why she was doing many of the things she was doing were very helpful. We don’t all have her hair texture so I was glad that you addressed that aspect. Love your content; you are a good teacher!

  4. Nikki Swenson
    Nikki Swenson says:

    Hi Justin….I just took some photos of myself to send ya to submit for your great evaluations…but I don't seem to have your Gmail link to send them???

  5. Joanne Smitherman
    Joanne Smitherman says:

    I cut myself off about the role you play in teaching simple things to hair to make each woman more comfortable to try different color and cuts. I agree with your suggestions. I’d love to see more after shots of how different if and when they take a leap of faith.
    I found of changing makeup to match updates to color changes.
    I just feel you are very intuitive about how to change women’s lives. Your hair is so important for a woman’s self confidence. Thank you so much for all information about hair.

  6. Joanne Smitherman
    Joanne Smitherman says:

    Yes, she is beautiful, but she also emphasizes how to become more confident in your on skin. She’s so forward thinking in building each woman’s self esteem. She offers her experiences in her life and how they can help all women. I could go on and on about how kind and understanding of life’s different situations. She’s so honest.
    I believe she has and is inspirational for all women. I feel blessed that I found her website. Kiddos to you for expounding on her tutorial. You are great and gracious in explaining how hair i

  7. TessLynnW
    TessLynnW says:

    💕 LOVE this kind of content. Trust me, people like me need all the help we can get. 😄 I'm not sure how many of the comments on your many videos you actually get to view, but if you happen to come across this, I have a ❓/ idea. Even though there's only 24 hours in a day and there's no way for you to continue to do video appointments, would there be a way to pay you to recommend a style based off of photos we send you? So, for instance, if I sent a photo of a front view, side views, and back view, would you be able to recommend a particular haircut or style for my face shape, etc? 🤷‍♀️ Just a thought / idea I figured I would throw out there since that would be much quicker than an actual video consultation. 🤎

  8. Kathy Bellamy
    Kathy Bellamy says:

    Thanks for this Justin. So glad you gave Dominique a thumbs up on this one. She is so genuinely beautiful inside and out… really enjoy her vids. You are doing a great job with your vids. There is nothing worse than leaving a shop and looking great then washing your hair at home and not knowing how to recreate that great look using your own two hands and tools and sight lines. I would like to see more videos where you give your model the tools and ask them to follow your instructions. Keep the great videos coming!

  9. Vicki O'KEEFE
    Vicki O'KEEFE says:

    I follow Dominique and I love her. I follow you Justin and I love you too so this was an extra great video for me to watch! I have short fine hair and
    as I age actually have some hair loss, so volume is what I’m after. Any advice on how I can deal with my hair loss? It’s not noticeable to anyone really but me. I’d sure like to have some tools to combat it!

  10. MustardSeedish
    MustardSeedish says:

    I love Dominique. I've been watching her for years. I also love Nikol Johnson who rocks her silver hair. I would love an analysis on her since going grey is on trend.

  11. Lola Jacomino
    Lola Jacomino says:

    I totally agree with you, Dominique is a beautiful lady and I love her work. I also love your knowledge and the way you explained everything. I get you because I have about 50 hair in my head (this is true) so what applies to her beautiful full head of hair doesn’t apply to me, so thank you again. You got a new subscriber here 🤷🏻‍♀️

  12. TAS
    TAS says:

    Oh brother, she has had her hair done professionally for SO many years DONT you think she would have learned a thing or two about HOW to style her hair at home. This is the stupidest thing ive seen on YT. why u r blowing smoke up her azz is beyond me. Who cares ??? she pays big money to have her colour done and changed so many times in one year its laughable plus cuts and styles… Again who doesnt learn from their VERY expensive hair stylist so they CAN do it at home. Total waste of my time. is this what your channel is? I havent even ventured so see more cause this clip alone is so stupid.

  13. Lisa Cox
    Lisa Cox says:

    Thank you for this evaluation of the video! I so totally get whatever you say, because you give such complete explanations of the “why” and “how.”

  14. PJ J
    PJ J says:

    Dominique rocks! When I saw your title, she was the first beauty blogger I thought of – so pleased you talked about this video – she’s really helped me in stying my bangs, as well as love her beauty tips and her great lifestyle advice. Dominique is one in a million! Thanks Justin! BTW, obviously I find your videos incredibly helpful as well!!

  15. Shelby Keller
    Shelby Keller says:

    I have hair to the middle of my back, but have been looking for a new look, I think I found it! The "Pixie Bob"! I had short hair in my mid thirties and now that I'm 48, 49 next month, I'm so ready for a change! This tutorial was very educational and exciting! Thanks Justin and Dominique!! God bless you both!

  16. Connie Pleasant
    Connie Pleasant says:

    Hello Justin, I have a question. I’ve noticed that stylist like to use a cutting technique that adds what I have been told is “texture” to the ends when doing a haircut. A kind of chopping into the ends of any length on the hair. I love a haircut with a basic blunt cut at the ends, and I find even all these years later my blowout looks so nice with a few layers and even blunt ends. Has this technique been replaced and this new method of cutting into the ends taken over? I almost don’t always know what to ask for when I get a haircut these days and I get frowns from stylist. H.E.L.P. (I have thick wavy hair but not unruly, only some frizz and the texture varies from front to back. It’s thickest at the back)

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