How to Remove Body Hair (Full Body Tutorial) | GQ


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Esthetician and founder of the Men’s Grooming Parlor in Chicago, Matt Leyes, is here to teach us how to remove body hair from all those hard to reach places. From abs to shoulders, Matt shows you the tools and techniques you need to wax, trim, and shave your upper body hair.

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How to Remove Body Hair (Full Body Tutorial) | GQ

29 replies
  1. J Smith
    J Smith says:

    I am blind, how can I trim the hair on my back, not shave it clean because that would be too difficult, in general kind of looking for a beard trimmer type thing that I could use on my back.

  2. Sofi lava
    Sofi lava says:

    Εκανα αποτριχωση των γεννητικων οργανων και στον πρωκτο λιγο επωδυνη δεν υπαρχει τριχα πουθενα.

  3. Ari Wenger
    Ari Wenger says:

    I've seen people be super sensitive about their armpits and groin area, but once i got the backs of my thighs waxed and it hurt so much i actually teared up a lot, idk why that area of all places hurt so much more? maybe it's because i carry a lot of fat there and the skin is not that tight. but wow, never again

  4. sandaglad
    sandaglad says:

    What is this weird obsession nowadays with "grooming" & removing body hair? If you have really unsightly gorilla hair all over your shoulders and back, I can see it, but naturally hairy legs, chests, arms & pubes look great & very masculine. Oh well…

  5. Werewolf Wu
    Werewolf Wu says:

    Here's a fun fact: We werewolves have special muscles inside our follicles that enable us to extend and retract our hair at will, thanks to a 16-basepair-mutation on gene LCT-W982 on chromosome pair #8.

  6. September Dudewowbro
    September Dudewowbro says:

    You might think I'm psycho buuut I rip out all my unwanted hair, arm pits, chest legs arms. I tweeze my beard bc its the cleanest and most effective way. It's like waxing without wax. No skin irritation and I don't have to "shave" again for like two weeks.

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