B. Tan Too Tan to Give a Damn 1 Hour Self Tan Mousse Review + Demo | Self Tanner Reviews

B. Tan Too Tan to Give a Damn 1 Hour Self Tan Mousse Review + Demo | Self Tanner Reviews

Hey loves! Welcome back to my channel! In today’s video, I am doing a review and demo of the B. Tan Too Tan to Give a Damn 1 Hour Self Tan Mousse! I know this one has been around, and I’ve been dying to try it, so I wanted to give you all my honest review and demo it! Will this be my new lazy girl last minute self tanner? We shall see! Stay tuned for the whole video to hear what I think about this self tanner! I’m still on the hunt for a new go-to express self tanner so please let me know if there’s one you’d like me to try/review!

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35 replies
  1. taradenise77
    taradenise77 says:

    I thought your face looks really good w your body!! I just bought this last night an was scared cuz I don't wanna be to dark at first so thanks for the review

  2. The_Cherokee Gypsy
    The_Cherokee Gypsy says:

    The darkest one they have is called “I want the darkest tan possible” and it’s my favorite one. My second favorite is “Disco Candy” yes they are sticky, but it does dry. Give it an hour or two before you get in the bed

  3. Jessica Kilburn
    Jessica Kilburn says:

    I personally don’t feel like it smells bad at all! Kinda does smell like loving tan most tans of that “stentch” if you will. Lol but I agree with I feel like the color should be darker. Loving tan is way way darker. But not bad for the price!

  4. Julie Lyons
    Julie Lyons says:

    I personally think it looks great! it's very natural looking. For $13 that's pretty good compared to a lot of other self tanners that are $30 and higher in price.

  5. Elcee 325
    Elcee 325 says:

    Everything you did was not right…1) Read the directions 2) It's coconut 3) Buy the actual bottle for 8 hours, specifically formulated to sleep in … I'm going to stop there

  6. PamelaMaybank
    PamelaMaybank says:

    I’m trying to find a really dark fake tan, but I only want to keep it on for 1-5 hours (not through the night) because I can’t be washing my sheets so often!! I’ll watch this video then find out!

  7. Kate Wheeler
    Kate Wheeler says:

    I have probably watched every single one of your videos all day today. And in the end, what's like… The number 1? The darkest? I'm dying to know. 😭😭😭

  8. Di Correia
    Di Correia says:

    Thanks for the review! I was thinking about buying this brand's purple undertone tan, but now i'm not só sure 😅 If you can, I would love If you would try Rose & Caramel Trinity tan. Thanks

  9. Ashley Turner
    Ashley Turner says:

    People always rave about this brand so I tried the Tanned AF and I hated it!! It was sooo sticky, smelled awful, and turned my feet an orange patchy mess 🥴

  10. Fiona Darragh
    Fiona Darragh says:

    Hi Milana ❤, I know you were expecting to be more dark from how you were reading the info about it! But I really do like it and your hands are evenly distributed the product and look flawless! Great job lovey 😘. Have a great weekend 💕!

  11. Matty Durant
    Matty Durant says:

    I bought this bc I couldn't get my usual brand and didn't want to wait 2 days. I double coated and this stuff turned me sooooo orange. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. If you're determined to get it they sell it at Walmart it was only like 9 and some change there

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