Skinny Tan Wonder Serum Honest Review + Demo + First Impression | Self Tanner Review

Skinny Tan Wonder Serum Honest Review + Demo + First Impression | Self Tanner Review

Hey loves! Welcome back to my channel! In today’s video, I am doing a review and demo of the Skinny Tan Wonder Serum! I know a bunch of you guys have been requesting a review of this one, so I wanted to give you all my honest review and demo it! After seeing the price and the performance of this self tanner, I am SHOCKED to say the least! Stay tuned for the whole video to hear what I think about this self tanner! I’m still on the hunt for a new go-to extra dark self tanner so please let me know if there’s one you’d like me to try/review!

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  1. Noelle
    Noelle says:

    Has anyone else used this tanner?? It didn't come out good on me. So I just got it the other day. I exfoliate shaved and I put a thick moisturizer on feet knees and elbows and then lightly moisturized my whole body. I waited a little over an hour and then I applied the serum with a mit. So I let it dry and then went to sleep. I was so excited to see the color but it was sooo streaky! The color is gorgeous a perfect bronzy tan. The only thing I can think is to not moisture my whole body next time and apply more serum, maybe I didn't use enough.

  2. Brashell Collier
    Brashell Collier says:

    Hey! So would you say you like this more or as much as St. Tropez Luxe mousse? I tried the luxe mousse tonight and I already think I love it.. but a cheaper alternative needs to be found 😂 if you find one, could you do a video? Thank you!

  3. Julian Delfino
    Julian Delfino says:

    Looking peng Milana!! 🙌🏼✨️👏🏼 The color seems ultra dark to my.
    Would you please try the Bare by Vogue selftanning mousse or lotion? The line was created by Vogue Williams. She also has a face tanning serum and spray. From what I have seen on IG, the results are beautiful!!

  4. Fiona Darragh
    Fiona Darragh says:

    Hi Milana ❤, I've seen ads for this on YouTube and so happy you tried this out 🥰. This has got to be one of the best self tanners you have ever tried 😘. Upon application the colour is so natural looking 😍. The best outcome 💕!

  5. Tonya Ballinger
    Tonya Ballinger says:

    I think it looks beautiful! I think they have it in express serum also. Reading reviews on their site they say the express even gets darker but this is a great color. They have face tans too if you are interested in trying that. I have only tried this year Sosu Dripping Gold and I had a sample of Isle of Paradise facial drops that I applied. I loved the Dripping Gold and the Isle of Paradise it took two days as it was a medium but it really dried my face out. I was going to reapply but when I used an exfoliating and brush it is very blotchy now on my face. It is peeling awful. Do you know how I can get this off my face? Do you have a good face tanner to recommend for very dry face with redness some on cheeks sensitive skin, mature, but not real wrinkled yet.

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