Rose and Caramel Intensity Dark Bronzed Tanning Mousse Review + Demo | Self Tanner Reviews


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Rose and Caramel Intensity Dark Bronzed Tanning Mousse Review + Demo | Self Tanner Reviews

Hey loves! Welcome back to my channel! In today’s video, I am doing a review and demo of the Rose and Caramel Intensity Dark Bronzed Tanning Mousse! I know this one has been around, and I’ve been dying to try it, so I wanted to give you all my honest review and demo it! Will this be my new lazy girl last minute self tanner? We shall see! Stay tuned for the whole video to hear what I think about this self tanner! I’m still on the hunt for a new go-to self tanner so please let me know if there’s one you’d like me to try/review!

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  1. Megan Smith
    Megan Smith says:

    How long did it wind up lasting for you? Was the wear off even at the end of the week? We need to know!! 🤣🤣
    You have the best, most honest reviews on self tanner out there. Thank you for being so thorough.

  2. Alicia Vilas
    Alicia Vilas says:

    Maybe you can make a video on how to make self tanner last longer in the neck/chest area or how to hide areas that are fading or color is coming off compared to other nearby body areas

  3. Tami Ibarra
    Tami Ibarra says:

    This tan looks good on you from what I can see. It's not super dark but it's a nice color on you from what I can see. The indoor lighting you use makes it hard to see how the tan really looks and you don't show your your legs in your reveal which is strange to me. I've been wondering about this self tanner. While the Intensity you reviewed is supposed to look the most natural, they have two other self tanners that are said to give darker tans. To get the darkest tan they recommend layering their various undertones. That's what the Trinity self tan is all about. It's supposed to work on all skin tones. (The one you reviewed is recommended for cool and neutral skin tones so it will work best for fewer people.) Trinity is the one I was looking at as it offers the darkest tan. It's interesting how this brand promotes choosing your self tanner by the undertones rather than light, medium and dark tans. It would be great if you would show the tan in natural light and also show the tan in a view of your full body so we can see how it looks on your entire body, including your legs. It would also be great if you added how long the tan lasted and how it wore off to your reviews. Those are important factors for me when I choose a self tanner.

  4. melanie webster
    melanie webster says:

    Went ahead and purchased both the intensity & the trinity & their tan remover scrubs. I'm VERY intrigued by their tan remover bubble bath but it's out of stock. Even using the current "tan removers" & scrubs I own now, it's always so hard getting the old tan off without scrubbing myself to death

  5. catherine p
    catherine p says:

    Hey Milana, love your videos! Would be great if you could add a few clips at the end of your reviews after a few days to show us how it wears! 😃

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