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41 replies
  1. Morgan Devlin
    Morgan Devlin says:

    I totally understand how doing something everyday can make you feel like “what am I even doing”. I hope it’s comforting to know that what you do is beyond fashion and makeup. You give people tools to look how they want to look. It sounds shallow, but I remember before discovering YouTube I was miserable trying to look my best but it never turned out right. Your content has helped me so much ☺️

  2. Rachel L-P
    Rachel L-P says:

    I don’t ever comment but you are not alone. I feel the same way, but at least you were able to take some time off to yourself while most people have to go into work, fake a smile and pretend everything is okay. Makeup is sadly my outlet, so I love your tutorials…💕it’s my zen and calms me. I really miss your makeup tutorials when you use random products mix of new and old, I always get so inspired by your fall makeup tutorials…the rainy day slay, the pumpkin makeup look series, the holiday looks….I try to watch those to get inspire and just to have fun with my own makeup that I own. I really appreciate your content and thank you for sharing your feelings on the internet, it’s not easy. I wish you the best and hopefully the feelings you are experiencing will pass and you will gain something from this phrase in your life. Stay happy and healthy Brianne! ✨

  3. Kylah Watts
    Kylah Watts says:

    Your content IS valuable! When I was going through post partum depression I found your channel and you helped me through that! I was able to turn one of your videos on and forget about how I was feeling for a while! Thank you! ❤️

  4. Mandy L
    Mandy L says:

    I feel you. It's a hard feeling to articulate, but I think you're too hard on yourself. You have a beautiful contribution to you tube and I think whatever you choose to do, you'll have your followers support. 💕

  5. Chanel Herd
    Chanel Herd says:

    Your not alone I’m 34 and I’ve felt this same way since I hit my 30’s I feel like it doesn’t make sense at times but I’m learning that it’s a vert normal natural change and you’ve just gotta figure out what works for you moving forward but your not alone women we are very special people and their is so much that comes with that!!!!! Just stay positive and keep happy productive healthy routines 😊😊😊

  6. Leila Khatir
    Leila Khatir says:

    Let me tell you that it feels so great to finally see someone on social media that doesn t seem like they have it all figured out and well handled .. im bearly 27 and i"ve been feeling like this for about the past 5 months .. i still havent even found where to beging and it feels frustrating .. but I learnd to take all the time I need to get more of a clear vision .. We love you brianna for your realness ❤ Keep doing what you doing because you re doing great ❤

  7. Dawn Brown
    Dawn Brown says:

    Don't overlook your health. Take the time you need, well be here. Also have your doctor take a bent wrist x-ray. I took 10mths of scans (x-ray, MRI, CT), PT, brave, sling, meds with no answers. Only thing the docs could agree on is nothing was showing up and I have zero tolerance for meds. Turned out laying flat, everything laid flat and perfect, bent it showed my wrist hasn't been attached to my hand. Injury occurred holding a glass pitcher! Doctors and I both thought it was just sprained at first. Orthopedic was stunned I was even able to use it. Gardening, check your zone level, we are similar weather. On planting, wait till it's consistently over 50 degrees in spring. Rotate your plants each year. Tomato plants, water at base not leaves or plant fries. They gain height in the extreme heat, then they will start producing can go into fall. Tomatoes and peppers do really well in pots, just make sure to give them support cages. Herbs do great in pots. Strawberries, paint some sm rocks the same color as strawberries, scatter around plants, to discourage birds before they start producing. Blueberry, raspberry, blackberry can take over yard, so might want to keep in huge pot, they will come back. Squash, zucchini, collards, kale do really well. My neighbors do great with peas & pole beans. At the end of the season put your pumpkins in an area they can come back next year and just let it dissolve in the ground, they will come back and be ready about September/October each year, they need lots of space. Enjoy the garden.

  8. Nick Crusade
    Nick Crusade says:


    absolutely love that summery look u got going on!

    also goes very well with that blue top u're wearing!

    just makes me wanna take u on a vacation with me!


  9. Jessica Beck
    Jessica Beck says:

    Thanks so much for the Bible rec I’m very interested. I am struggling a lot with after vaca blues and all the things to do with reading and working out. I think it is a really hard thing to get excited about reading the Bible but there’s sooooo many helpful Bible studies and work shops you could look into that where I find I enjoy it and less like school. Even in this waiting season God has big things for you && we loooove seeing what God is doing your life.

  10. miranda
    miranda says:

    I love your content!! I’ve been a follower since 2013 – you gotta stay true to who you are and people will continue to follow you for being authentic. Sending you love 💗

  11. Stefany Flores
    Stefany Flores says:

    I haven't been here that long but I can sympathize with being in a stage of change around turning 30. I'm about to turn 33 this yr, I got off of social media a couple yrs ago and I'm so happy I did.

  12. Family Guy
    Family Guy says:

    I feel the same way lately. I went from being so active going to the gym eating healthy to not doing any of it within 12 months time . I feel Ike what I did a year ago I can’t do now. I have zero motivation no tolerance for stupidity, and your right THE WORLD we live in now is DISGRACEFUL!!! To say the least . The mass shootings that go on like it’s a normal frigen day!! Like whattttt… I live in New York so it’s a lot . I’m depressed. This pandemic the war in Ukraine, the gas prices!!! I’m kinda done. Ok my rant is over but I can relate to what your feeling

  13. Anna Worthington
    Anna Worthington says:

    I felt a similar way after I got married. There was so much to plan over the space of a year it took over my life (hobbies were gone) and I had this one day to countdown to. All that planning and mental energy stopped in the space of a day. When life returned to normal, I had this feeling of “I don’t know what to do with myself” I had nothing to plan or create, I wasn’t used to spending time on myself and it took a long time for me to settle back into life.

    You said it’s been about 9 months you have felt off, does that fall around the time of your wedding?

    I felt like it was a post-wedding blues kind of feeling, hard to describe really.

  14. Amber Freitag
    Amber Freitag says:

    I think you should keep some things private I just go on here for entertainment like an “escape” I wouldn’t want to make you feel a certain way

  15. Tina Bladen
    Tina Bladen says:

    It’s been a while since I hit 30, I’m actually 44 at the end of August. Hitting 30 really does make you look at your life, I had a slightly delayed reaction because at that time, my Mum had terminal cancer. I lost her when I’d just turned 32 and honestly I didn’t just question everything, I went off the rails big time. That’s when we made the decision to have our son, for me it was absolutely none negotiable although hubby hadn’t really wanted kids at all so our relationship of then 13 years hit a rocky spell too. Within 18 months of losing Mum, we got married and I had my son. I do not regret a bit of those 2 decisions but we also moved back across the U.K. to be near the rest of our family again. With covid hitting, it’s making people very aware of mortality and the need to make the most of your life, enjoying what you do, getting rid of toxic influences and relationships and very much working on self care. I was bad hitting 40, but covid gave,E time to look after me too and honestly one thing I’ve really worked on is skin, which has also helped my self confidence a hundred fold. I used to wear full coverage foundations, now I wear sheer to medium or just concealer in strategic places. I use way more cream products and less Matt eye shadows as they make my eyes look dry. It’s ok to take time to sort out your head. Please keep posting on Instagram though, yours and Amanda’s stories are hysterical 😂

  16. Suzy Gonzalez
    Suzy Gonzalez says:

    Hi, thank you for sharing. I appreciate everything you say. We are living in a new world. I highly recommend therapy and journaling. Maybe work with make up in a different way. I’m almost 50, I’d love to see make up artist work on regular people. I think that would be a huge hit. Am example would be how to contour on a round face. You mentioned Amanda did your make up and you learned a lot. Think about how much that would impact others. You’d still be working with make up but it would be a twist. Just an idea! I’ll keep you in my prayers.

  17. Melissa Ann
    Melissa Ann says:

    I love your videos. I just want to say l subscribe and l never miss any uploads. I’m not sure why people are not seeing your content. You are one of my favorite content creators. Keep it coming 💜

  18. Sue Rescino
    Sue Rescino says:

    you are human.. this is lots of peoples feelings… I have watched your tutorials for years and have wanted to also be an influencer but haven't yet… would you have any suggestions???

  19. Ana Ragageles
    Ana Ragageles says:

    Finaly a real youtuber,im 42 and never understood tik tok and I can't like the application I think it's so futile. And I think you're right about everything in the world, a war and I only see youtubers reviewing make-up as if life wasn't so expensive and so many people feeling sick. But I've always liked your channel a lot and that's why I follow you, big kisses from this Portuguese fan of yours

  20. Natalie McConnell
    Natalie McConnell says:

    I live in SW Michigan and we got our cherry tomato plants in the ground in May. Not sure if it is too late for a garden, but you can always shoot for Spring 2023! 🥕 🥦 🍅

  21. Ashley Elizabeth
    Ashley Elizabeth says:

    I almost never comment on videos( not because I don't want to engage, but simply because I don't think my opinion matters to many) but I had to commend you and let you know how much I appreciate you being vulnerable and transparent about your feelings in this video. It was so refreshing to hear someone speak about how operating in the social media realms can sometimes make you second guess yourself, but also give way to you doing the necessary work to really find your purpose! I have struggled to find my place in the digital world because I didn't want to be just another face doing what everyone else was doing if it didn't truly align with what I was put on this Earth to do. However, I do believe it can be a great gateway to finding that said purpose!
    I want you to be encouraged and know that the content you are creating is of value and you are one of my favs! I'm a Chicago girl, so I connected with you years ago! Thank you for sharing your gifts, talents, wisdom, and even your insecurities. It's motivational and inspiring! Sending you tons of LoVe, Hugs and good energy to help you continue on this new journey!

  22. Meredith Leigh
    Meredith Leigh says:

    I’ve been subscribed to you for years and love your content ❤️
    I just turned 37 and I can totally relate to everything you’re feeling… watching you do makeup and sharing your authentic personality is therapeutic for your subscribers…. I hope you don’t underestimate how much your brand means to people… more than makeup, we relate to you and it makes a difference. ❤️❤️

  23. Angie Pruitt   "Amazing Grace"
    Angie Pruitt "Amazing Grace" says:

    Life is so short sweet young lady and God created you for a purpose and that's to make Him 1st and love the Lord God Almighty with all your mind heart and strength and to love others as your self your purpose is to have a relationship with Jesus Christ the Lord of glory what does it gain a man if he gains the whole world and losses His own soul. Make Jesus your purpose and He will direct your steps He gives you true love, Joy and Peace I pray you will find purpose in the God who created you and formed you in ur mother's womb❤️🤗🙏

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