The ULTIMATE Self Tanner Review + Tips and Tricks!


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Welcome to the long awaited self tan review! I reviewed 5 very popular self tanners for you guys including Coco & Eve, Tanologist, Loving Tan, St. Tropez, and Bondi Sands! These tans range from affordable to high end and have varying colors and formulas. I tested them all for longevity, scent, color, transfer, and more. We also go through how self tanning works with the active ingredient DHA, my self tanning routine, and tips and tricks for fake tan. Let me know what tans you’d like to see me try in the future!

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Articles on self tanning/DHA:

Self tanning mitt (Amazon):
Kabuki brush (Amazon):

Self tanners reviewed:

Loving tan:

St. Tropez

Coco & Eve

Bondi Sands

0:00 Intro
2:20 How self tanners work (Science with Kath)
5:29 My self tan routine + tricks
10:05 Self tanner reviews
10:13 Tanologist
14:20 Loving Tan
17:28 St. Tropez
19:11 Coco & Eve
21:57 Bondi Sands
24:10 Self tan eraser
26:03 Swatches

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41 replies
  1. Tonya Ballinger
    Tonya Ballinger says:

    Could you try the new St Tropez Luxe Whipped Crème Mouse. There are several people revising saying amazing but I wonder if it’s dark and how long it lasts. It has a glow tonic face drops all vegan they combo with it. Another two was the Bondi Sands Express Mouse and also Bondi Sands clear sleeping mask all vitamin clean ingredients. Have you tried Skinny Tan Express in Serum or Coconut in Express darkest color in both. Claim to even skin tone and firm your skin. Thank you so much. I just hate to waste money if it’s bad. I do want color but fast drying and not orange. Sosu Dripping Gold I hear very dark and they have skin care in and facial drops or spray. Mine tan claims a lot but I’ve heard bad reviews. If you could try the others maybe. Thank you.

  2. Music Lover
    Music Lover says:

    I just tried the Jergens self tan in light bronze and honestly its really good minus the fact it took forever to dry and has a scent even after showering. But for the price, its the best, Hawaiian tropic is really good too

  3. Kathi Garnett
    Kathi Garnett says:

    ModelCo self tanner is the best I have used. It gives a dark, natural color. The Bondi Sands Pure line is another favorite because it doesn’t have the guide color. I use the light-medium in the winter so I don’t look completely pale. ModelCo also sells a drying powder to eliminate the sticky feeling.

  4. Chloe Johnson
    Chloe Johnson says:

    Literally the best reviewer on YouTube haha, thanks so much Kathryn!! Bondi sands liquid gold is so slept on, it gives me the best color and they always have sales on their website so it’s pretty affordable. The aero ultra dark is also great! My only issue is if I shave the night before I get tan in my pores even after rinsing 😭 Anyone have tips for shaving with self tanner??

  5. sofia sjkn
    sofia sjkn says:

    I hate looking like I’m wearing fake tan so I use a “light” shade in order to get a natural healthy glow! Also, then it’s not as shocking if I stop using it.

  6. Rachel Rollison
    Rachel Rollison says:

    Do you use any self tanner on your face? I've wondered if I should buy a separate self tanner that is made for your face or if I should just use the same stuff all over.

  7. Livia //
    Livia // says:

    As someone who has never self tanned but has always been interested, this is very informative! Way more inclined to try it out sometime 😊

  8. Cosmic Goddess
    Cosmic Goddess says:

    I love using the alba self tanner which I consider to be a light to medium shade. I like it because it doesn’t streak and I can build up my tan gradually by applying it daily. I still go in the sun, but for some reason my stomach and legs don’t tan and it’s great for evening out my overall skin tone. Plus it’s super affordable. I’m also pretty light naturally so I don’t need a lot of color to make a big difference. Thank you for your videos 🙂

  9. joyfuljaj
    joyfuljaj says:

    Pardon me if you answer this towards the end, but I'm gonna have to come back later to finish watching. I usually use gradual tanner but sometimes use overnight mousse. I'm always afraid of shaving while trying to maintain the tan because that is pretty extreme exfoliation and I have experienced uneven fading after shaving. And of course, I can't reapply tanner if I have just shaved. I've always wondered how people maintain a tan for a week vacation at the beach. When I sweat, it comes off more, and the sand and saltwater exfoliate it. Now, I have not tried my nicer brands at the beach yet, so maybe I would have more luck. My usualy gradual brand is St Tropez in shower version.

  10. Jess
    Jess says:

    I am a Minetan fan. Cool ash is my go to and I get so many compliments on it. I am ghostly white borderline sick looking without it.

  11. Alyssa
    Alyssa says:

    I would love to see a review of the brands that competitors use. ProTan, Liquid Sunrayz, etc. all have DIY tan kits and you KNOW those tans will be dark!

  12. Kari Henke
    Kari Henke says:

    There’s also a tan remover called tan x that works great! I haven’t tried the bondi sands to compare but was recommended the tan x by a lady who spray tans professionally

  13. Harri R
    Harri R says:

    Where did you buy the St Tropez tan from? If you bought from Amazon they sell fakes! I bought one from there and it was green too. But if you buy from a shop, it’s actually not bad

  14. Tiffaney Wilson
    Tiffaney Wilson says:

    I think you got a bad bottle of st tropez. The color is way off. It should not be that bright green. I use that tanner a lot and I don't have an of issues you described.

  15. Claudia
    Claudia says:

    Thank you for this (as always) detailed review!! I assumed St.Tropez was a good “high end” product because it’s sold at Sephora so glad to have dodged that bullet

  16. Ciera Hughes
    Ciera Hughes says:

    One tip for keeping areas on your skin from sweating and messing up the tan is once I have my fake tan applied, I will put baby powder on the back of my knees, elbow creases, arm pits, or anywhere that may sweat and mess up the tan. It doesn’t dry anything out and make anything look patchy, but it helps with making sure everything looks perfect.

  17. melissa ne
    melissa ne says:

    Thank you for the in depth video! You should try Beauty by Earth self tan lotion! Or mousse. Its made from natural ingredients. I like it a lot!

  18. TayTay
    TayTay says:

    I’ve tried the medium tans and they make me pretty dark but I’m not incredibly pale. I’m scared to try a dark tan because of that lol

  19. Olivia Youman
    Olivia Youman says:

    This was the best self tan review I’ve ever seen by FAR! I do have a comment on the greener self tans though. I believe they are more for olive skin tones whereas the loving tan is for paler/ pinker skin tones. The greener tanners look great on me (olive toned skin) while the red ones make me look orange/ unnatural!

  20. Kelli A Jackson
    Kelli A Jackson says:

    I tend to use medium self tanner because I don’t want to have to change my foundation shade…I’m not super consistent with applying tanner so switching between shades just makes it complicated

  21. Kathryn Mueller
    Kathryn Mueller says:

    Correction on the self tanner science! There is information to suggest DHA/topical browning agents can prevent UV rays from penetrating as deeply! What I was reading before was describing sun exposure with the self tanner still on (not rinsed), accelerating sun damage. The research suggests that once the skin has the browning effect, you do have some additional sun protection! So stay out of the sun while you're in your self tanner, but once it's rinsed off and the tan has taken effect, you actually get extra protection.

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