Beard and Face Routine Before Bed #beard #beardroutine #skincare


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HEYO!!! Hope this helps!
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#beard #beardroutine #skincare

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  1. SweetSugarGum
    SweetSugarGum says:

    I came across looking for a young friend on his beard. You should consider Mary Kay products. They have been around forever and their products are better than the best products in stores. They have a mobile app and you can find the nearest Mary Kay seller. Im 50 and always use Mary Kay but have tried many other products. As I earned more money I tried more expensive products, but my face gets the cleanest with MK. The seller will even come to your home to let you sample the product and show you how to use them…product sells itself. They have products for males to…

  2. Rock Massa
    Rock Massa says:

    Cool insights…I never ever put soap in my face…something I learned back in my modeling days in Boston. However I am really into a coconut lotion I apply daily. 😏👊

  3. Tonya Bomia
    Tonya Bomia says:

    Hey Dan! Looking good as always. Glad to see you're stepping things up a bit more. You should be taking better care of yourself. Not that you needed to do a whole lot more. Every little bit helps though. I wouldn't worry about not doing it every night though. Sometimes I forget or am just too tired to care. As long as you're doing it three or four times a week you're doing just fine.

  4. J-Tarvis
    J-Tarvis says:

    Thank you as always Dan.

    Maybe try out beard fluff for your nightly beard care, it's a leave in conditioner, lighter than balm or beard butter and easier to wash off your hands

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