Self Tan Showdown Part 3! Loving Tan Platinum, Tanologist, Isle of Paradise, Norvell, Coco & Eve


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1. Self Tanner Showdown 1:
2. Self Tanner Showdown 2:
3. Self Tan Routine:
4. Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops Review:
5. Coco & Eve Tan Review:
6. Body Care Favorites:

1. Self Tan Mitt:
2. Exfoliating Glove:
3. Exfoliating Scrub:
4. Best Post-Self Tan Moisturizer:
5. Loving Tan Platinum Ultimate Self Tanning Mousse:
6. Tanologist Express Tan Self Tan Mousse Extra Dark:
7. Isle of Paradise Express Ultra Dark Self Tanning Mousse:
8. Norvell Venetian Handheld Spray Tan Solution:
9. Foaming Soap Dispensers:
10. Coco & Eve Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam:

00:00 Intro
03:23 Loving Tan Platinum
09:24 Tanologist Extra Dark
12:13 Isle of Paradise Ultra Dark
15:20 Norvell Venetian Tan
20:35 Coco & Eve Sunny Honey

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Self Tan Showdown Part 3! Loving Tan Platinum, Tanologist, Isle of Paradise, Norvell, Coco & Eve


30 replies
  1. weirdmanu
    weirdmanu says:

    I saw all your videos about self tan and i still don't understand what is the best one!!!! For price, for the color and for how long stay

  2. Fuzzy Friends Rescue Volunteer
    Fuzzy Friends Rescue Volunteer says:

    Yep, I swear by Norvell but I use the Competition Blackout. I used Norvell for YEARS when I was a bikini model, it's a professional line. The salons will sell you "under the counter" as though it's drops, and charge a premium for it. Just buy it from the salon supply.

  3. Jo
    Jo says:

    I have tried a ton of self tanners and personally coco&eve was and is the WORST I’ve tried! It’s SOOOO orange on my skin, even the face drops, and I’ve never experienced that with any other self tanner. I’m not insanely pale either and I have a neutral undertone. They told me I “chose the wrong darkness level” for my skin tone, but the lightest color didn’t change my skin at all! Was so disappointed 😩

  4. A P
    A P says:

    I tried coco and eve when you recommended it on your last video, and for me the color was super warm/orangey and it faded SUPER patchy even though I was moisturizing everyday. I actually way prefer the original loving tan formula, it lasted way better for me and the reddish undertone looks more natural for my olive skin tone.

  5. Andrea Premium
    Andrea Premium says:

    Have you ever tried the self tanner from IL Makiage ? They claim no orang tone at all. I see those Facebook videos and I would like to see a real life video by you if possible
    Thank you

  6. MakeupManiac
    MakeupManiac says:

    To get the fake tan smell that lingers off, when you shower use summers eve wash all over your body. I know that sounds weird but because it is a PH balancer it also works on your skin! You can also pat yourself with baby powder to take away the stickiness in creases. It won’t disrupt the tan at all and also helps with transfer. I have to do it every time I tan or I cannot sleep lol.

  7. Elena Zara
    Elena Zara says:

    What’s the best product I can use to remove self tanner? I really struggle to remove self tan. I use Bali body and even their self tan remover doesn’t help much

  8. Marisa Pilla
    Marisa Pilla says:

    Thank you for doing such in-depth reviews! I know you literally just reviewed so many tanners but I'm curious if you ever used a gradual tanner lotion like Tan-Luxe The Butter?

  9. Nora Kurdy
    Nora Kurdy says:

    “Biscuit” smell is how the English describe self tan smell. I’ve live in the UK for ages and I’m not sure what type of biscuit smells like self tanner. But that’s how the Brits describe it 🤷🏻‍♀️

  10. Lisa Ray
    Lisa Ray says:

    SOOO confused by this review. Cocoa & Eve is so so sticky to the point I have to sleep in it because I can’t stand the feeling on my skin during the day. The biggest issue, however, is the SMELL! The smell is so strong and so pungent that, again, I can’t wear during the day while it develops because it’s nauseating. I smell it for at least 48 hours after wash off. I can only imagine the chemicals going into my skin! Loving Tan is much better…..the ultra dark. I have not tried this one that she reviews but I don’t want the price tag and I’ve very happy with the regular ultra dark.

  11. Twintaxi
    Twintaxi says:

    Abbey- fellow Wisconsinite here-born and raised in LaCrosse! I had lots of friends that went to UW Madtown🍻 I ended up in AZ.

    Anyways, like you I have TONS of hair and skincare products and have not found a great way to organize them all. Can you do a video on how and what you use to organize all of your products? I have bought bins and baskets and acrylic countertop organizers (which are ugly) and without having some organization to them, I don’t even know what all I have at this point. If you’ve done a video like this can you share the link? I absolutely LOVE your content, by far one of my favorite YouTubers!!💜

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