The little Black Palette with Yara Shahidi – CHANEL Makeup Tutorials


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Bring out your natural beauty with PALETTE ESSENTIELLE in a new Caramel shade : a concealer, highlighter, and lip and cheek colour in one. Lucia Pica shows you how, in the latest CHANEL Beauty Talks with guest star Yara Shahidi.

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27 replies
  1. Y R
    Y R says:

    My problem with this is that it doesn’t have a brush, so I hardly use it because who’s going to be carrying 3 different brushes .

  2. Oh yeah
    Oh yeah says:

    I love Yara and Chanel . This was just cringey and eerie. The concept is cool. Also the chanel lady is gorgeous and tasteful. I love her makeup look and beautiful eyes.

  3. Valérie De Roeck
    Valérie De Roeck says:

    It would be nice to be more real.. i understand that these very beautifull faces sell. But from time to time using a ( goodlooking) real face ( maybe 25+), would be nice…

  4. valhoff3
    valhoff3 says:

    What a gorgeous young woman! Every time I hear Yara interviewed I’m more & more impressed. Same with the palette – it’s growing on me! ❤️

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