How To: Makeup for Round Eyes Tutorial | Eye Makeup Tutorials | Bobbi Brown Cosmetics


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Learn UK Pro Artist Hollie’s go-to techniques for playing up round eyes—whether it’s a quick trick for a wide-eyed look, or an easy way to create an almond shape.

• Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in Malted Pink:
• Eye Shadow in Ivory, Toast and Cocoa:
• Eye Sweep Brush:
• Eye Blender Brush:
• Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Caviar Ink:
• Ultra Precise Eyeliner Brush:
• Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush:
• Intensive Skin Serum Concealer:
• Concealer Blending Brush:
• Smokey Eye Mascara:


22 replies
  1. Rubi Doo
    Rubi Doo says:

    I would love to see something down the line about accentuating or leaning into round eyes. I know its not trendy, but I like my round eyes. I'd like to know what to do with them though.

  2. A LT
    A LT says:

    This was very useful, thank you. I’m getting bored with always doing the same eyeshadow shape for my round eyes, this will be a fun way of trying something new. I disagree with those saying that if you have round eyes you can’t try anything else but a round eye look. I like to experiment. Thank you again! 💕💕

  3. Quill Pen
    Quill Pen says:

    Oh! Your way of explaining things is very calming, yet direct and informative. This was a fantastic tutorial. Thanks so much for this! 🥰

    Add: You look a lot like a blonde, wavy-haired version of Dakota Johnson. Both of you look very lovely. 😊

  4. pati pat
    pati pat says:

    lovely. Although I am not a fan of this "change your eye shape" attitude. Not all round eyes are equal as well. I do have round but quite big, nicely shaped, deep set eyes. And I love them, and do not feel a need to mimic almond shape by certain application of make up. Rather the opposite. So dear ladies embrace your individual features! With that being said a very nice tutorial, also very pleasant to listen thanks to your calming voice.

  5. Fifi Finance
    Fifi Finance says:

    What would you recommend as a more filming type foundation? Have a new YT channel and working with lights is difficult. Would be great to get your thoughts😀

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