getting my $h!t together


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How tall are you? 5’4
How old are you? 22
Where do you live? Calgary, Alberta Canada
Camera I use: Sony A5100
What I use to edit: Final Cut Pro


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  1. Amarachi njoku
    Amarachi njoku says:

    Brook you are stong and beautiful you just need some to boost that self-esteem because you are amazing no one is perfect because someone perfect is not perfect to someone else

  2. cakewatcher
    cakewatcher says:

    You’re doing great in paying attention to how you feel and putting words to it. My advice is to get sunshine and fresh air as much as you can. It will make a huge difference just being outside, without looking at a screen.

  3. DaLilBunny
    DaLilBunny says:

    I hear you, I’ve been struggling too and, personally, It’s been hard to find the reason and sort out my feeling but yeah. Ilysm 💖🪸

  4. Chai Tea
    Chai Tea says:

    Hey Brooke, this video was just what I needed because I have been putting off going to the gym for so long and I needed this. I used to hate my appearance so much that I wouldn’t even look at myself in the mirror when I got out of the shower. I’ve recently begun watching this YouTuber named Maddie Dragsbaek and she changed my life. In fact, last year for the first time in years, I wore a 2 piece bikini in an indoor pool. I was extremely self conscious but it was a huge step towards loving myself. Writing down what I need to complete in a day helps me stay productive and have a routine and also having me time (getting my nails done, hair, skin care, even reading) has helped me huge. My spirituality has also really helped me but it depends on what makes you thrive. Please check out Maddie Dragsbaek tho, I’m not sponsoring for her or anything but she genuinely helped me learn to love myself. You are beautiful inside and out and you need to hear it, your feelings are so honest and normal and thank you for being a genuine soul. 💛I wish u all the best during your journey and keep working out, it’s so scary at first because everyone at the gym seems perfect but they had to start somewhere too and haven’t always looked like that. The treadmill is a great place to start to get back into things! You got this💗💗💗ew that was long

  5. Trinece Nesmith
    Trinece Nesmith says:

    Hey new subscriber here,I understand exactly what you are talking about not to long ago I gained weight and have had incidence that made me uncomfortable with my body I didn't like wearing certain clothes was conscious of certain dresses or colors and to make a long story short it took awhile for me to get to the point I am at now where I do not care what anyone thinks and that I am comfortable being a plus size girl I am currently starting the gym next week and like you I have been slacking when it come to going but I believe you shouldnt worrie about the months"the right time to start is when you are ready" and take as many or as least or the pictures and videos you want you have to do what makes you comfortable and don't feel like you have to be mad at yourself even though that is normal you are not wrong for feeling this way everything you said in this video I went through and am working on and now I'm at the point where I do not play about me its took a while and I had to change alot rather its who I keep around me or how I speak to myself ….I can't tell you what to you hun but allow yourself to feel these emotions but don't allow them to take over you and put you in a mindset that you don't recognize or can't get out of best of luck to you and so proud of you for being genuine and vulnerable in this vlog💌🤍🥰

  6. Cupcake Kayla
    Cupcake Kayla says:

    Ok so I know I could say lots of things that are good about you to make you feel better. And trust me there is a lot to say but if you are anything like me and my depression and anxiety then what others say won't really help you with how YOU feel about your self. So I just wanna say your not by your self and lots of others deal with depression and anxiety. And I love how you can tell us how you feel because for me at least it think it really shows your viewers how much you care and trust us by being that vulnerable. You have really helped me deal with my stuff and I wish I could help you deal with yours. But the best advice I can give you is to take your own advice. And I know that's easier said than done but I think if you try it might help. Thank you. We love you for who you are. ❤

  7. Sameena Shamji
    Sameena Shamji says:

    i really needed this video thank u brookie 🙏as a certified procrastinator ify but either way, manifesting we both get our shit together real soon (always remember baby steps though) love you all <3

  8. Arminsbae._
    Arminsbae._ says:

    I can’t describe how much comfort I got while watching this vid. I’ve never related so much and this video made me feel less alone 🙂 💕

  9. Jenika Johnson
    Jenika Johnson says:

    I really appreciate how you opened up to us in this video. I hope you’re feeling better and know that what you do matters to us so much:) we love you<3

  10. Mrs2cool
    Mrs2cool says:

    i’m a little late so you may not see this and this is really for anybody but i hope that through your hard times that you can rise out of them. Remember that anything is possible and that you’ve got this! You’re are doing you best even if your best is brushing your teeth or doing your hair, that is STILL a victory! 🤍🤍 also don’t be afraid or shamed to ask for help or not be at your best because it happens to us all, just at different times 🙂

  11. Gabi B
    Gabi B says:

    Heyy, i sent you a message on instagram, i thought i tell you my thoughts about this video and about how you feel over there🫶🏼 love you, stay strong & positive🤍

  12. nikas tutorals
    nikas tutorals says:

    I hope you feel better. I am going thru the same thing as you and it's really hard, you're not alone. I love your videos so much and I always watch them, this video touched me and you made me have a great day, I hope this comment can make yours a tiny bit better. Love ya😊💗

  13. Lesedi Dibetso
    Lesedi Dibetso says:

    I've been going through a lot this past month too. I feel ugly most of the time and I have no one who tells me that I'm beautiful or "it's all gonna be okay" and that is because I haven't told anyone about how I feel yet. I feel like I don't have friends. Every time I think I've made a friend, they just turn their back on me or stop talking to me. I recently lost my grandmother and I haven't told any of my 'friends'. I was at school yesterday and somehow I randomly started tearing up, thinking about my life, the loss of my grandmother and my insecurities. I try to distract myself every time I feel like sh!t. You're not alone Brooke, we'll always support you in everything you do. I hope you feel better soon and realize how you light up our days with your personality and how beautiful you are. We love you ❤.

  14. Tamanna Rai
    Tamanna Rai says:

    I hope you feel better soon Brooke ❤️ We love you soo much! It’s nice to see that we’re all going through similar things and we’re not alone but I’m here for u 💖
    Luv ya

  15. Luvlylia!! ☻︎ -break
    Luvlylia!! ☻︎ -break says:

    Aww Brooke I get how u feel we all have that time it’s probably been so hard for you. But please know we are here for you and you can take as long as u want to process everything I personally think ur beautiful but ur right we all have our own thought about our self. I love ur work and it just shows that u are super strong. We all hope u get through this we are here for u ily 💞💞

  16. Lexie Orrell
    Lexie Orrell says:

    I have been trying to pull myself together and have a schedule at about the exact same time as well and this video and your videos in general really inspire me to do so! Thank you so much!💗💗💗

  17. Mariam Malek
    Mariam Malek says:

    Omg I LOVE YOU SO MUCH GHDFGSH😍 I honestly feel like we’re going through very similar things cuz I am also an insane procrastinator and I feel like I have just been such a lazy bum for literally months😳 anyways, I hope we BOTH get over this and start being more productive and just happy 😁

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