HOW to Paint Liquid Gold TMM & Bluish Pale Skin | ARMY Painting

How to paint Liquid Gold TMM and how to paint Bluish Pale Skin. This video shows and focuses on the painting of the bluish pale skin and the painting of the True Metallic Metal Liquid Gold. Easy army TMM Gold Painting with Vallejocolor Liquid Gold.

This video is a miniature army painting with opaque ( not thin ) THICK ( but thinned ) coats. Most painting methods like glazing produce great results. Obviously if you paint 1 model for a week you will produce great results. But can you have fairly good results with just layering, just basic painting? This video hopefully shows you how. ☺️

I challenged myself to paint 13 Torchlight 3D printed models at a time in this video. I am not confortable with army painting or speed painting as I feel I lack the confidence to pull it off. However, this project made me realize some guidelines to paint a miniature army ( or team ) at a fairly good Golden Lemon level painting standard at a reasonable amount of time.

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I hope you’ll find this video informative as usual. Pardon for the quality of the audio as I have yet to invest on a good mic for the channel. I will soon. ☺️

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18 replies
  1. Brian Frazee
    Brian Frazee says:

    The starting pre-shade is amazing on these. I do a nice zenithal with my airbrush but apparently I need to get gud with black washes because my lazy washes never turn out this nice, especially in the large open areas or the flowing cloth areas.
    Great video here, very inspiring.

  2. Nicola Argento
    Nicola Argento says:

    wow Don this is a challenge! 😱
    That you won big anyway, but it must have been really hard not to throw mummies all over the blue brick studio! 😅🤣
    The miniatures are adorable and your painting is practically perfect …
    Above the standard of army painting … Let's say the Golden Lemon is absolutely deserved 🧐🤣
    Seriously, congratulations again for the work you did … and as always, I learned something again 🙇🏻‍♂️🙇🏻‍♂️
    Thanks! 🍻
    I think I owe you a brewery 😅🤣

  3. demon1103
    demon1103 says:

    Ya know, upon first seeing the files for these guys I wasn't feeling it….but seeing them painted up in sold. Currently working on the new "Loonatics" and will probably go Punga pirate Dwarves next, but I'll probably pick these guys up sometime in the future.

    Great work!!

  4. Cado
    Cado says:

    This is accidentally a great tutorial for painting Thousand Sons.
    I can use the pale blue for the Tzaangors and the Blue/Gold for the marines!

  5. Reyone
    Reyone says:

    Nice video Don!
    Great work with this minis! And as you know, I’m a golden lemon follower, so if you make stickers, let me know!!! 😅👑🍋

    DTWARRIOR says:

    Zup Don, I don’t paint mm, I paint Gundam with airbrush, I do like to detail them by hand brush but I have a hard time making lacquer paints look good, watching your videos are making me rethink my process of painting overall, your techniques are very interesting. But mixing colors are very intimidating for me😅, thanks for your work and contributions to the hobby, keep them coming 😎👍🏼Saludos!!

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