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Hia everyone,

Hope you enjoy my Iconic London make up look and chat.

If you’d like to see my previous videos I’ve uploaded private let me know.

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Products used:

mac strobe cream pinklite
DOLL10 beauty anti stress foundation medium
Iconic london eye shadow Day to slay
Plouise blush palette Sun drenchedd
Bobbi Brown Bronzing powder golden light
Plouise brow gel Mochaccino
Bare minerals lip gloss Heartbreaker
Illamasqua eye gel Infnity
Bourois rock and kohl 001 noir

Thanks so much for watching, subscribing, sharing, liking, commenting and all that jazz!
Lauren 🙂


41 replies
  1. Laura_leah
    Laura_leah says:

    i would put the video up people need help with there MH and find it hard to talk to people, knowing people like you, very well known,and seeing you are a real person and go through things too can help.

  2. DSashie
    DSashie says:

    Hi Lauren, I’ve lost my dad very recently and this last week has felt crushing and so sad.. so low atm …but it was so nice to pass some time with your chatter and get my mind off his loss.. loved this look.. keep zooming q❣️

  3. Agentofchaos 44
    Agentofchaos 44 says:

    hiya lauren i hope all is well the weather is incredible so sunny. that sounds like a gorgeous colour combo cant wait to see what it looks like.

    reality shows: i think its that they get told where they have to go and whose going to be there but they dont know how it will play out.

    I was born with blue eyes, but now they are green I have dominant blue in the iris and brown at the center of the eye, they change colour with mood weather and light, it has a professional name but I can't recall it.

  4. Glamrockqueen
    Glamrockqueen says:

    Red or Ginger hair with Blue eyes and very very pale skin opens up a whole new world of make up, I love brown eye shadow/liner, but it make me look like i've been crying my eyes out for hours. I'm sure whatever you decide, Blonde, Black. Brunette or a gorgeous Red/Ginger, you will look lovely. xx

  5. Jane
    Jane says:

    Hi Lauren, such a comfort seeing a video from you. Your so down to earth like watching a friend ❤️ My beautiful mum passed away in January and your the kind of person that makes me happy to watch to take my mind off things. Have you any progress on moving house? Sorry if you have mentioned it and I missed it. Take care xx

  6. J P
    J P says:

    Have you tried guided meditation? I suffer with anxiety a lot too and its got worse since going through menopause, I'm 44 now but I've been going through it since 38. Meditation has helped me no end along with regular mindfulness practice. I've learned that people with depression are living in the past and those with anxiety are worrying too much about the future (this is definitely me) Just being in the present moment helps as nothing can affect you right here, right now. Sending everyone lots of love in these times 💗

  7. Amalthea11
    Amalthea11 says:

    Lauren please upload that "downy" video, I'd listen even if you just read a phone book. And it's good to keep it real. Absolutely love this make up and your cute hair, so great for a summer. I was also born with blue eyes ans they changed to green at a later age 😳🤗👀

  8. currylover0
    currylover0 says:

    So glad to see you again. Also been in a little bit of a funk too. Remembering what my Doctor said when I am down…Make sure you get some exercise, if you have a hobby make time to enjoy having fun, if you have a religious belief participate, and if you have a pet or if cannot have a pet, volunteer for a charity, or animal rescue. I know if you cannot do these at least one does help. So much fun seeing you again, and inspiring us with your soft make up.

  9. cjlong1100
    cjlong1100 says:

    Beautiful again-I like the background colors; they make the bright color really show up well. The lighter foundation idea works great -you look fresh and glowing. I think if you put a note on your “negative video” or do a quick intro-we can handle it-it’s okay to be yourself. But it might have been a bit confusing if people had not seen you in a while and then got this downer vibe-they might be worried about you…if they know up front it was a passing mood, I’m sure it would be okay. But either choice is fine❤️

  10. Penny P
    Penny P says:

    Your beautiful. Your human. Don't always have to be positive. That's the beauty of the human experience is ups and downs. 🌸

  11. Tammy Kelly
    Tammy Kelly says:

    Lauren, I love your videos. Always have. The lucky dips were always my favorite! I’ve had such a horrible, horrible year! So bad with my mental illness- depression and anxiety! Been in a dark slump I can’t get out of! And don’t care if I do anymore. Between jobs, thanks to Covid and some other major stressors. Behind on rent and bills too. Which makes life 20000 times worse. So happy to see your beautiful face.

    Do you still have your makeup line? Just curious.

  12. Rose Chely
    Rose Chely says:

    I’m the same way. When I was younger I was more courageous. Now, I’m very anxious. I think it’s because when I was younger I didn’t think about stuff so much. Now, I over think too much.

  13. Clare
    Clare says:

    Hi Lauren! So good to see you back. Are you still moving? And I thought you were going to Manchester with Laura to do Plouise course? Thank you for this look it was perfect timing as I needed a look for a similar palette I got last week. I lost all confidence with the menopause too. Look forward to see your “negative” video as we all need some reality and it does you good not to have to be sunny and positive all the time. Big hugs!

  14. Beth Lilly
    Beth Lilly says:

    Your videos introduced me to a whole new world of makeup, watching you is so nostalgic. You’ve always remained so relatable, down to earth & just humble. I hate that you feel less confident, your videos have inspired confidence in so many throughout the years. I get the anxiety, I struggle making myself leave my home some days, it’s all just so overwhelming at times. I hope your able to complete the class, you’re an amazing artist & a beautiful person. ❤️ hang in there.

  15. KAY COX
    KAY COX says:

    Lovely to see your new video! You are such a beautiful honest fun lady! This look is fab…, from the middle of California…blessings!

  16. Irma Vrijma
    Irma Vrijma says:

    Hi Lauren. Só good to see you back on YouTube again, I missed you very much.
    And I know what you mean regarding things changing at 40. Luckily for me they were not horrible things, I am so sorry for you that it is different for you😔
    What made me giggle though, is that I am not the only one constantly looking for things that right under my nose😄
    And I hope you will be able to make a choise regarding your haircolour. I think a copper red will suite you very well. Can't wait to see the result. Have a great weekend!💋❤

  17. Lisa Doran
    Lisa Doran says:

    Yay, my beautiful friend is back 🙌🏻 I love a good deep tissue massage. I have real issues with knotting, every masseuse has commented on how bad I am, so even though it's painful, I know it's completely worth it. You very well could have been born with blue eyes, most babies have them and then the pigment develops. Your makeup is stunning 😍 and your eyelashes missy ❤️🔥 I know what you mean about the anxiety and I'm sorry you've been feeling that way. If I thought it would help I'd sign up to do the P'Louise course and we could travel together, but I'm so crap at makeup 😂 Know that I think you're a star no matter what though. If you're feeling brave please post the negative video too, I think it could help so many people x

  18. Michelle Neal
    Michelle Neal says:

    Menopause started for me at 36. I'm 42 now and everything has changed. My hair is half as thick and the texture is totally different. My eyelashes are half as long. I don't have to shave my legs anymore because there's no hair growing there either. I've gain so much weight with no difference in my eating/exercise habits. I feel like a totally different person and it sucks.

  19. Claire Porter
    Claire Porter says:

    How about balayage with close to root colour that way not as noticeable and still get to stay blonde as well. You’ve gone through a lot of work with hair so a shame if out red tones back in as tough to strip x

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