How To: Everyday Makeup For Work | Workplace Beauty Tutorials | Bobbi Brown Cosmetics


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Does your everyday work makeup routine need an update? Bobbi Brown Pro Makeup Artist Sarah Nicole Smith shows you the simple ticks and tricks for creating a natural look that’s easy enough to recreate in under 10 minutes. Your work week makeup just got easier!


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  1. Deborah Culler
    Deborah Culler says:

    I wear eyeglasses and that seems to reduce the effect of my eyeshadows. I would love this look with eyeglasses and then amped up for date night. Great video, just left me wanting more. Very intrigued by the cream shadow. Would you recommend an all matte for 65 plus year old eyes?

    Also, the video doesn’t show as much about how you are using the brush to collect the foundation and how much. It is a bit high for that.

    Now that I am retired and have time, I am playing more in trying to work on better makeup.

  2. Naz
    Naz says:

    Simply love the look! Would appreciate if the video angle took closer shots especially when she’s applying the products. And pls list the products used.

  3. Neelanjana Barua
    Neelanjana Barua says:

    I quite like the videos on this channel but this one was kinda off. Can't stop counting how many times she said favourite before each BB product. It's a BB YouTube channel, we get it but this had an overdose of 'my favourite' 😂. (Oversell)

    Mentioning in good spirit. Will keep following your videos 🙂

  4. AMY K
    AMY K says:

    This is a great video. More women should wear their makeup natural instead of the other channels were there so many added products. To do a simple I like that is gorgeous thank you for not loading on tons of eyelashes. It's nice to see a woman that actually looks like herself just more polished. Home Run…

  5. Kitty Dijcks
    Kitty Dijcks says:

    Very nice and natural! Easy appliance and minimum use of products. Just use what is needed. Of course you have good skin, but therefore don't need a heavy make-up. Make-up should be fresh and complimenting instead of hiding and giving you a different face. So that is what the brand Bobbi stands for. And I'm a fan.

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