Black Mirror Nails. Nail tutorial. Sugar, chrome mirror nails tutorial. How to do coffin nails

Nail tutorial 2020
Doing my own nails. Black mirror long coffin nails with chrome, sugar nail art amd Swarovski crystals.
On one nail
*Full nail prep
*Form application
*Gel extensions sculpting
*Gel pinching
*Coffin shape nail
Then gel colour on all nails
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  1. Rula Mazigi
    Rula Mazigi says:

    Okay, I just don’t know which video to comment on because they are all so amazing! I just discovered your channel and have been binge watching all week long. I tried to do a version of this mani and the chrome is very hard to get to look like yours. I’m not a tech, just a diy hobby, but I’m just learning how to use builder gel and noticed that I can’t seem to buff them smooth enough for the mirror chrome. In other words, it’s not the specs of dust in the gel color or top coat that’s messing me up, but tiny tiny unsmooth parts in the builder gel. Maybe I just need to use a brand new file or bit or buffer instead of a used one? In any case, I LOVE your videos, you are SUPER TALENTED! 💖👏👏


    Salonów w Polsce jak grzybow po deszczu,ale dobrej kosmetyczki paznokciowej ze świecą szukać.Moje naturalne paznokcie sa totalnie płaskie i wąskie.Jak ide na przedluzenie to zawsze dziewczyny robią mi strasznie grube paznokcie i z mega krzywą C.Twoje tez widzę,ze są dosc płaskie.Czy nie wpływa to negatywnie na wytrxymałosc pazurka?Pytam jako totalna amatorka.

  3. Didy P
    Didy P says:

    Dorota i love u😍⚘i just finished the nail basic course and i am so motivated by yoouu !! I love ur cute style ! Thank u so much for sharing with us all your nice tips

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