How To: Makeup for Hooded Eyes | Eye Makeup Tutorials | Bobbi Brown Cosmetics


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You asked, we listened! National Pro Artist Carly (@carlymeghan_makeup) shows us her simple makeup techniques for hooded eyes.

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20 replies
  1. Kerry Tiffany
    Kerry Tiffany says:

    I get this is lockdown productivity, which is why you're doing a hooded eye look on yourself and not a model with factual hooded eyes. Now that restrictions are eased, it would help your customers to see how shaded and light tones bring hooded eyes into the spotlight.

  2. Samanta Rizzi
    Samanta Rizzi says:

    She never said she herself has hooded eyes but this is still a makeup look that’s suited for that type of eye. I loved it! Easy to follow and makes sense. 🙂

  3. Celida Golobic
    Celida Golobic says:

    What is frustrating is that you don’t have hooded eyes! So it’s like a brunette doing make for blondes. Or a young person with a tutorial for mature eyes. It would be essential that you use the right model with hooded eyes. Thank you

  4. N W
    N W says:

    As someone with actual heavily hooded eyes and barely no lower lid I keep hearing I should put a light color on my lower lid to open it. This advice has NEVER worked for me. Actually, I find that using a dark shadow on the lid and blending it up and side ways works best.

  5. r j
    r j says:

    A hooded eye is when your extra lid skin falls on your eyelashes! If you had hooded eyes, you d have to lift your lid skin to apply mascara. Because if you didnt, you d have mascara all over your upper lid. THAT is a hooded eye!!

  6. r j
    r j says:

    Can't bobbi brown actually find somebody with hooded eyes? This is a joke! With all due respect, you dont have hooded eyes. And good for you!

  7. Katie Cochran
    Katie Cochran says:

    Her eyes aren’t even hooded, so it’s no where near helpful to those who have hooded eyes. I personally don’t have hooded eyes but I can imagine the frustration of those watching. This is good for someone without hooded eyes, but won’t do much for women who have them.

  8. Christine Stevenson
    Christine Stevenson says:

    At last!!!! A tutorial that makes sense – AND Works!!! Thank you so much for this step by step guide. I've tried it while watching along ND it works!!! Hallelujah xxxC😉❤️

  9. AMY K
    AMY K says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful video. You made it very easy to do for a 50 plus women and I'm going to give it a try tomorrow. Gravity is not our best friends as we get older. But this lighter makeup I think will make a huge difference

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