NIKKIE TUTORIALS x BEAUTY BAY PALETTE | Worth The Hype? Review & Tutorial


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Hey guys! Today I’m testing out the new NIKKIE TUTORIALS x BEAUTY BAY PALETTE! I’m so excited for this palette! But is it worth the hype? We’ll find out in this video! Let me know all your thoughts on the palette! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more tutorials using this palette. I hope you enjoy the video & thanks for watching! xoxo

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39 replies
  1. R Bruneau
    R Bruneau says:

    I can't get enough of your application how's your beautiful display of radiance with words difining my mind melts with your words I cannot get enough of you , shades,,drooling 🌈

  2. Kathryn Louise
    Kathryn Louise says:

    I was bought the palette for Xmas by my hubby, totally unexpected, the colour story is a bit overwhelming and I agree that the ‘dark and light’ theme doesn’t match the colour story. Despite that the shades and especially the shimmers are gorgeous and now I’m tempted to buy more Beauty Bay pallettes!

  3. Anneh.
    Anneh. says:

    the ‘deep/darker’ side was meant to be represent the deep darker moments of Nikki’s life. I dont think she meant the colors in the palette need to be really dark. (sorry for my English)

  4. Rupinder Kaur Kooner
    Rupinder Kaur Kooner says:

    U need to watch her vid ' what u didnt tell about my pallete' u ll know the reason why there arent many dark shades on the dark side of the pallete ….becoz the dark side depicts…..her dark life and not shades😞😞

  5. Stephanie Meyer
    Stephanie Meyer says:

    The dark side and the colors she chose were more about her. What she sees herself. The palette itself is Nikkie. Her temple. That’s why the “dark side” isn’t what most would see as dark. Like blacks or grays. All the colors and names have a specific meaning to Nikkie. I think that’s one reason why I love it so much. It’s unique.

  6. Anne Munoz
    Anne Munoz says:

    My palette is still going through customs. I can’t wait. I was presently surprised at the price. Redemption is what really caught my attention. This look is beautiful.

  7. tess siegmeier
    tess siegmeier says:

    Just WOW! The color story didn't speak to me very much when I saw the launch, but the more I see people work with this palette, the more I realize I need it when they restock. Its incredible

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